Monday, August 14, 2017

A Few Feminine Things

Do you remember the early Beatles?

Their hair was so long by 1964 standards that I was sure it was the beginning of the end of gender as we knew it. That boys would all be wearing long, girlish hairdos before long and as one thing led to another, boys would be dressing like girls, too.

Wishful thinking?

Boy's hairdos did get longer and the lads' hair length rivaled the ladies. And boys dressed more flamboyantly – not quite dressing exactly like girls, but definitely adopting items from milady's closet, as epitomized in a 1973 issue of Mad magazine.

Wearing Tibi (Source: Shopbop)

Brian Charles Rooney
Brian Charles Rooney femulates on the Broadway stage in Miss Blanche Tells It All.


  1. I really hate how men's fashions butched up in the 1990's. In the mid 1960's and the 1970's men had a lot more flexibility. My hair is down below my shoulder blades and my bra cup size for my natural breasts is DD.

  2. In the mid 1970s when men's hair was long it was not unusual for them to wear women's hair styles
    Some styles looked very good on a man

  3. Zits, the comic strip, is among my favorites. I hope Sara is able to convince Jeremy to wear a skirt or dress in a future strip.

  4. Julie M ShawAugust 15, 2017

    As a teen in the 70's I was able to sport a hairstyle that was "his" when parted on the side, and "hers" when parted in the middle with a few barettes. Those were the days - the days when I actually HAD hair! ��