Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Me

If you attended a transgender convention and I was on the bill as a speaker, what would you like me to talk about?

My friend Alison suggested that I spend one day attending the three-day First Event in lieu of attending the week-long Fantasia Fair. And while I am at, why not present a talk on something near and dear to our hearts (assuming that the First Event organizers would have me).

I asked Alison what she would like me to talk about and she responded, "I'd say there's quite a number of topics that you could do presentations on: certainly makeup, fashions tips and shopping. There are lots of newbies who attend First Event who would love that. And there's some heavier stuff, like dressing in the workplace and navigating family relationships, dressing in Dayton and, of course, blogging."

In the past, I've done presentations titled "Makeup Basics for Trans Females," "Top 30 Things Every Crossdressing Man Needs In His Wardrobe To Emulate A Woman" and "What To Do When You Are Out and About."

Those are some topics to consider, but I was wondering if there is anything we missed. If you have a topic you would like me to cover, let me know by leaving a comment below or sending me an email addressed to stana-stana @ sbcglobal.net (without spaces). If I don't cover your topic at First Event, I may cover it here on the blog.

Source: Intermix
Wearing Alexia romper and Khokha bag (Source: Intermix)

Miguel Oyola
Miguel Oyola femulates Paulina Rubio on Panama television's Your Face Sounds Familiar.


  1. "Proper foundations to get that female shape"

  2. Good morning, beautiful: I tried to send you a message to that address, but it doesn't seem to work. I'd need to keep the message private. Do you have some other e-mail address or some other way I can reach you? Should I try through your pinterest account? Besos

    1. Hi Juan - I think the line break in the middle of my email address might be the culprit! stana-stana@sbcglobal.net should work; if not, try staci-staci@sbcglopbal.net

  3. I get a kick out of males femulating and performing to emulate females in their singing. I could pass as a woman in appearance quite easily, but my singing would be like Johnny Cash, singing numbers like Ghost Riders in the Sky and Rings of Fire.

  4. Stana,
    I have give a talk three out of the last four years. I basically gave an overview of things I learned as a bi-gender person trying to make it in the world. I tried to be practical with things like you might pass better if you padded your hips out to match the width of your shoulders; a trick I use with makeup primer by adding red makeup dye to add another layer of beard cover; how to sit and have a conversation with another woman; and to have the courage to go anywhere you want with pictures of my airplane trips. So, as you can tell, a bit of an overview.

    Last year I have my largest and most appreciative group - it depends who is scheduled at the same time - with about 25 sisters (cis and trans) attending. I have had parents and social workers come in an attempt to better understand what we face. We had a lively discussion and I found it as enjoyable as my male-life speaking engagements.

    So pick a topic and enjoy. If you and I both go, we do have to meet as we both live in the same state!

  5. I'd love to see a blog posting of navigating the workplace or navigating modern society as a transgendered person. Maybe something like a "road" test of products femulators use regularly, breastforms, shapers and underclothes. Maybe reader surveys of the products we use in our femulating effots.

  6. Yes, I'd like to hear about the gender 'ethics' of our M2F situation. My love of things feminine, extends into a profound respect and love for all ladies and their well-being. What can we, what should we, contemplate doing about the oppression of women, whether extreme - rape, FGM, sexual slavery – or everyday – non-equal pay, harrassment, lack of representation, access to education? As a small example, I could never wear a wig made from real hair – I’m a privileged and male – how could I possibly sanction exploiting a woman forced to sell her own crowning glory to make ends meet, and use the result for my own gratification ?
    If we want to be women, should we not embrace their legitimate concerns too?