Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Feminine Mail

In today's mail, there was a wig catalog from Paula Young, an advertisement from Dress Barn and the September issue of Elle all addressed to a boy named Stan.

Every day, I receive mail with a feminine bent addressed to my boy name. The reason being is that over the years, I have ordered various feminine paraphernalia using a credit card account that is in my male name.

That being the case, I often wondered what goes through the mind of the person delivering the mail.

Here in the foothills of the Berkshires, our mail person typically lasts about ten years before he or she gets a different route. As a result, he/she has the opportunity over a decade to get familiar with the type of mail delivered to my address.

I don't know any mail persons personally, so I cannot ask if this is something that they notice or are they so busy delivering the goods that they don't have time to consider the evidence.

Maybe if one day, I met the mail person at our mailbox dressed to the nines, he might recall my feminine bent mail and put two and two together, but until then, who knows?

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  1. Stana,
    "he might recall"
    I have had the same female mail carrier for the 21 years that I have live in this house, HER name is Terry, yes that is the way that SHE spells it. She is married and a mother.
    I guess we all need to be careful of our pronouns.

    1. I used "he" because our carrier is male. Since we moved here 22 years ago, we have had three mail carriers and all were male. Coincidentally, the person to whom we sold our previous home was a female mail carrier, but we are not on her route.

  2. They likely just assume your wife used your credit card. And even if you met your carrier when you were all dressed.... I think he would think you WERE your wife.... I don't think he'd see a male...

  3. I always enjoy the daily femulator picture. I really like today's prep time. I have the house to myself in a couple of weeks and that will be me.

  4. As a closet TV, I obsess about the clues I'm leaving, with the mailman, and the smirking delivery operative. And all the on-line vendors too of course - small waist and big feet being a typical clue.

    However, I suspect many of us are also leaving a huge internet footprint, (I mean like massive). Which will have seeded our google, ebay, amazon profiles, as well as the less obvious IoT such as DNS servers and routers.

    And now we learn that Facebook (to mention but one) can tell from just a few 'likes' our racial and sexual profiles
    (see < www.techlicious.com/blog/what-your-facebook-likes-say-about-you/ > and so our lives really are now an open book for all to behold.

    So the world, and the mailman are already fully aware of our 'other half'. So probably more true than ever, that the wife is 'the last to know'.

    Oh, just BTW. For those that may still worry about what the world thinks, Visa will give a card with initials only (eg not 'Mr Fred George Smith' but instead ' FG Smith'.