Thursday, February 18, 2016

Femulate: The Word

Source: The Femulate Lifestyle
Sira Siravitch Kamonworawut from "The Femulate Lifestyle"
When I started this blog, I created the word "femulate" and used it as the name of the blog. The word caught on and I often see it used by members of our community.

Christopher Morley, the professional femulator of film and television fame wrote to me once that he loved the word adding that femulate was "so much more accurate than 'female impersonator,'" which he never cared for and "drag queen," which he loathed.

"The Femulate Lifestyle," "tHe Art oF feMuLate" and "Femulate Brasil" are three websites that I am aware of that use the word in their title  there may be more.

"That lady likes to Femulate" and "femulate" are two boards on Pinterest and then there is "Pins from" that contains hundreds of images from my blog that were pinned by me and other Pinterest users. I have no idea how that board works. There is no visible owner of the board, that is, someone who is manually pinning pinned images from my blog, so I assume a Pinterest robot searches all its pins, collects the pinned images from the same source and displays them on a board like "Pins from"

Try it yourself. In the URL,, replace with your favorite website and see what happens.

Have Fun!

Source: Rent the Runway

Phil Johnson
Actor Phil Johnson on the San Diego stage in She Rantulas from Outer Space in 3D!


  1. Ever thought of submitting it to the Oxford English Dictionary?

    1. I actually thought about submitting something to Wikipedia. I didn't know one could make suggestions to dictionaries --- something to consider, so thank you for the heads-up!