Monday, February 1, 2016

Womanless Pinterested

Womanless beauty pageant winners, Sulphur (LA) High School, 1987
Please excuse my lack of blog posts the last few days. I had two freelance projects to do, which occupied most of my free time the last four days.

I finished the projects yesterday and now I can get back in the groove and return to writing posts for my favorite blog!

Regular readers of this blog may recall the huge collection of womanless pageant images that Starla clipped from online high school yearbooks.  She sent her findings to me on a regular basis and I mentioned them here, then posted them on flickr.

I have not heard from Starla since July 2015. I miss her and you probably do too if you are a fan of womanless beauty pageants.

Stan Jones has stepped in and taken Starla's place clipping images from online sources and every day or two, Stan posts a half dozen or so new images on his School Womanless Beauty Pageants Pinterest board. I find it amazing that Stan keeps discovering new images from the last century, but he does!

Follow Stan's Pinterest board to see what you've been missing.

Source: Brahmin
Wearing Brahmin.

Source: Pinterest
Rhyan, fashion model.

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  1. per accedere ad un concorso di bellezza per femminucce io ho bisogno di sapermi truccare e vestire sono ancora molto ammiro molto chi ha la possibilità di farlo e farsi un gran bel vestito a tubino nero è semplicemente favoloso !! grazie baci baci baci