Tuesday, February 2, 2016


There are transwomen and transmen. May I now suggest the "transfamily."

If being trans is a natural occurrence rather than a nurtured development, doesn't it make sense that it might be genetic, too?

I have an acquaintance who is a closeted crossdresser (don't ask how I know, but I know) and I am aware that his son crossdressed on occasion in his youth. (The son moved across the country, so I don't know if he is still crossdressing or not. All I know is that he is now in his 40s and still unmarried, which may or may not indicate anything trans-wise.)

And I am sure you have heard about crossdressing siblings, crossdressing fathers and sons and crossdressing mothers and daughters.

Now with more and more people coming out as trans, more families are discovering that crossdressing within a family is not a solo occurrence  it can be a family affair.

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Wearing Cushnie Et Ochs (dress), Kenneth  Jay Lane (earrings) and Sergio Rossi (shoes).

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Femulating at Downey, California, High School in 1995.


  1. I knew someone when I was still living in Florida who transitioned MtF. The first time she went home to visit her mom (father was deceased) after she went full time, after about three days it occurred to her mom was having to easy a time accepting her. So she asked. She found out her father was a crossdresser. A few months later, she got a call from her daughter who lived several states away with the ex-wife. My friend said her daughter kind of just rambled about stuff for a while before she came out as FtM. My friend told her daughter she needed to come down for a visit as everything wasn't always what it seemed. So three generations in her family. I also knew a parent/child who were both post-op MtF. There has to be genetics in there...no other explanation.

  2. I know of one trans woman from the Naugatuck CT area, when she informed her family that she was transitioning her cousin said she was also transiting. And it turned out that another cousin told her that she crossdressed.

  3. I just saw an article about a brother and sister (teens) who are transitioning to sister and brother. And, closer to home, I would not be surprised if my brother played dress-up on occasion.

  4. I know it's anecdotal, I know a transitioned transgender woman who's father was transgender.

    I had a friend on flickr who's Dad was a crossdresser.

    I also suspect my brother is trans

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