Thursday, February 25, 2016

Makeup Matters

Source: Instagram

"Why Makeup Matters to Transgender People — and How the Internet Is Helping" is a very interesting article written by Rachel Lubitz, which was just posted on Style.Mic.

“The relationship between makeup and transgender people is a complex one. For… transgender women, makeup is one of the first steps to embracing their own gender identity. There isn't one way to be ‘female,’ but makeup is certainly one traditional aspect of modern femininity that trans women may try.”

As a makeup maven, I thoroughly enjoyed the article and highly recommend it to my readers. I began playing with makeup during the Kennedy Administration and I am still playing today trying to achieve the unachievable, perfection.

Nobody’s perfect, but I’m trying and I will try to share what I learned over the years with a group of young transgender women when I present my new workshop titled “Makeup Basics for Trans Females” at the True Colors Conference next month.

In my past workshops, questions regarding makeup came up frequently, so I decided to try something different and concentrate on a topic people want to know about (and something I know something about).

It should be fun and I am looking forward to it!

Source: Bergdorf Goodman
Wearing MSGM top, Jonathan Simkhai skirt,
Aquazzura shoes and Les Petits Joueurs bag.

David Albarn
Blur band member Damon Albarn femulates Blondie.


  1. Michelle asked me to post her comments, so here they are:

    Hi Stana

    I was going to post this on your comments box, but as sometimes happens I'm not sure I'm getting it to work properly - so please post it if you want to &#X1f60a

    Some very interesting points made about make up in the Rachel Lubitz column - I'd advise other Femulate followers to read it. I haven't yet followed the links, but looks like further interesting reading there, too. I also have great trouble with eye make up and I agree with Alison in the article when she says "she's still clueless as to what to do in the space between her lash line and eyebrow". That is both with colour and how to and where to apply.

    I notice that the article sings the praises of the internet and YouTube. I would again agree, but covering tracks is always a problem - especially with YouTube. I have seen a great many interesting and useful features on YouTube, but next time I, or anyone else using this computer, goes onto YouTube the page is plastered with suggested sites about make up, voice training, shoes or anything else that I've been looking at. This can also happen on the internet with targeted adverts promoting similar things. Does anybody know a good way (other than looking at a lot of YouTube features on other topics to push these suggested sites down the list) of stopping this happening - not too technical, please &#X1f60a

    One other point - I've always loved that photo of Blur - but (by the way) the femulating lead singer is Damon Albarn, not David Albarn.

    Still loving your work for Femulate, thank you

  2. Very good - apart from the legs!


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