Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Moaning Lisa Smile

I watched the Grammy Awards Monday night primarily to see Eagles perform live one more time. Sans Glenn Frey, Jackson Browne sang lead on “Take It Easy.” That was the highlight of the show for me, although I also enjoyed the Lionel Richie tribute.

I was not familiar with 95% of the rest of the music, so the rest of the show was not of much interest and I headed for bed with an hour of awards left to go. However, just before I shut off the TV, my trans-radar went off when there was a snippet from a music video by Wolf Alice for their song titled “Moaning Lisa Smile.”

I viewed the video on YouTube and the three make members of the band appear en femme throughout the video. See the screen captures of the video above and below or see the video for yourself here.

Source: PopSugar
Wearing Saint Laurent.

Wolf Alice femulates in their music video for "Moaning Lisa Smiles."


  1. I did not see the Grammies at all because truly the music died so many years ago. But, who the heck is the Wolfe Alice. I try to never be judgmental about us gurls and trying to fit in but I am ALWAYS judgmental about parodies or outright mockery of the TG community. If that is what this was, shame on the Grammies for allowing it. They are supposed to be the liberal inclusive folks that celebrate diversity. If I am way off base I am sure someone will correct me.

    1. 1) The clip from the music video that was shown on the Grammys was about 1 or 2 seconds long... long enough to set off my trans radar, but too short to mock anybody.
      2) The video actually puts the TG community in a good light. Watch it and see for yourself.

    2. Dear Danielle and Stana,

      I agree with Stana. I did not take the video as being a "mockery of the TG community". If anything, the message of the video may have been "inclusion", wherein the 3 crossdressed males were kindly including the cisgender woman in their dance troupe after she was cruelly rejected in her first tryout.



    3. Thank you Sheila for the clarification on the video. I didn't see it so my comment was a biased in the wrong direction.

  2. I'm not sure but I think the first use of a trans person in a music video was The B-52's Love Shack. My trans-radar always went off when I saw that video. Then I found out the video was the debut of the tall woman of color with the huge hair. A local Georgia girl named Ru Paul who was a friend of the band.

    1. I recall seeing that video, but my trans radar must have needed new batteries because I missed Ru Paul.