Thursday, April 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday: His Hanes

Back in 1998, this pin-up girl artwork by Gil Elvgren inspired me to modify it in a femulating way and post it in my old blog nFem. I gave the girl a boy's haircut, modified her bra so that her bust appeared to be more boy-like and added the caption to parody the classic tagline from the Hanes' ads of the 1970s and 1980s.

The parody took on a life of its own and appeared on the Internet in places where girls like us hang out.

Also, my parody (or Elvgren's original) may have inspired a photographic version, which I found on Pinterest.

Always trying to improve things, I took another stab at the parody in 2004. I changed the femulator's haircut, thickened her eyebrows, inserted falsies, added the package of Hanes hosiery and the blurb below the tagline.

Always trying to improve things, I may revisit the parody in the near future.

10 Million and Counting

Earlier this week, the hit counter for this blog passed the 10 million mark! I thank you all for making that possible.

On a typical day, Femulate gets about 5,000 hits, but as I write this midday on Wednesday, the blog has gotten over 36,000 hits so far! That's about a week's worth of hits in half a day! What is going on?

Source: ShopBop

Wearing Sally LaPointe (coat), J.W. Anderson (skirt) and Vince (blouse)

Walton Goggins in television's Sons of Anarchy.


  1. Good morning Stana,
    I am glad you posted the picture from Sons of Anarchy. I watched the entire show and liked it. I even liked Mr. Goggins' performance as Venus. I truly did not like her beard though. If someone is to get such a boob job, I would be extremely surprised if they would choose to keep their beard; and she does say so during the show, that she kept it. Aside from that, I thought it was in interesting character.
    I would just like to say add, you absolutely must watch episode 10 of season 7. I don't want to spoil it, but it was all worth it right then and there.
    Take care, hugs and kisses!

    1. I will look for that episode, Claude.

  2. Stana,
    Congratulations on the milestone. Femulate is truly the standard bearer and the first place I and many others look to on a regular basis.
    The original sketch and your modifications are wonderful. They capture some of the joys as well as the dilemas that many face.

  3. Wow. Weird numbers on your hits.

    Congrats on crossing the 1 million mark. I wonder what that would be equivalent to in book sales. But perhaps I dwell too much on minor injustices. :-)

    1. 10 million!

      If I had a dime for every hit... LOL

    2. OMG!! I read it too quickly. I was only off by an order of magnitude. 10x my original congrats.

  4. You are the best Stana!

  5. Wow, 5,000 a day is a tremendous accomplishment. I wonder if your site has been pickup up as a reference or a resource within a major web site.