Monday, April 13, 2015

Shopping for Hardware in Software

My shopping for hardware wear!
A number of girls wondered about the dress Christina Marie wore in her Favorite Photos post last week.

I wondered too, so I asked her and she revealed that she bought it at JCPenney “a few years back.  Just couldn’t resist buying it after trying it on.”

Here is a link to the dress, but bad news girls, it is sold out.

Christina Marie added, “So much easier to shop for things when in girl mode, huh?”

Yes, indeed!

You have your shapewear strategically in place, so you know how the item will fit when you try it on and you are in makeup and wearing a do, so you know how the item will look on madam.

Yes, shopping in girl mode is so much easier… even if you are not shopping for girly things!

Which reminds me of the time I visited a Lowe's home improvement store in girl mode to get a replacement part for a piece of plumbing that failed. I had no trepidation about going to Lowe's and I found my trip very revealing.

Whenever I go to Lowe's or Home Depot in boy mode, I have to find and ask a store employee when I need help. In girl mode, I had a male Lowe's employee practically at my beck and call without asking. 

When he saw me looking lost in the plumbing department, he asked what I needed and directed me to the exact location where the part was displayed. After I found what I needed, he came over and compared it to the old part I had brought along to make sure I got the right part.

That's the power of a short skirt and high heels!

Source: ShopBop

Wearing Halston Heritage.

Actor Robert Sella in television's In Plain Sight (2012).


  1. Oh what a shock... the pretty girls get the mens' attention in the store... I will note that for next time, but I don't know if it will work as well for me, you're much prettier... ;)

  2. Three cheers for femme power!!!!