Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Power Suit

Yesterday, I wrote about the power of wearing a short skirt and high heels. In addition to wielding the power in a home improvement store, I discovered that combination works in other places, too.

When I spent a long weekend in Manhattan, a short hemline and heels sure came in handy when hailing a taxi cab. I never failed to nab the first cab I hailed when I was wearing my "power suit."

My power suit is not necessarily a jacket and matching pencil skirt. My power suit consists of a skirt or dress with a hem at or above the knee and high heel pumps with a three-inch or higher heel.

My power suit is more than adequate to gain the upper hand over the male sex. Dressed so, I can wrap a male around my little finger. Even males who are aware of my birth gender have fallen under my power.

It is so easy! I don't even have to think about unleashing the power because males usually succumb to it automatically.

Women are the stronger sex, but we play along that we are the fairer sex because along with our uniforms, it is part of our strategy to have our way with the real weaker sex.

Source: Ann Taylor

Wearing Ann Taylor.

Actor Steven Weber in television's The Comedians (2015)
(Thank you, Zoe)


  1. Wow, I like this post. It has me thinking. I am going to have to get a power suit and try it. This is timely, because Tuesday I was going shopping for a female suit.

  2. Well said, Stana, well said!!!!

  3. Sally StoneApril 14, 2015

    Stana, you are so very right about power outfits. I have experienced this phenomenon myself on numerous occasions. And while the effect has a significant impact on those who observe us, the power outfit also has a big impact on us personally. I find that wearing just the right outfit, boasts my self confidence immensely.



    1. You are so right about boosting confidence, Sally. Dressed just so, I feel I can conquer the world!

  4. Not only that, but I find that a great pair of legs will draw attention away from some of my "less feminine " attributes.