Friday, April 24, 2015

Got Real?

Saturday, I will be presenting "Crossdressing in the Real World" with Jan Brown at the UConn Health Center for Transgender Lives: The Intersection of Health and Law Conference.

My head spins when I read all the recent good transgender news.  I don't know what to make of it. 

We seem to be "it" as far as the news media is concerned, so every story with a transgender twist gets publicized. Even my local Neanderthal newspaper has published positive transgender news.

Is it real or is it just the media making hay while the sun shines?

My heart wishes it was real, but my gut says it ain't necessarily so especially when I read stories about haters, like those in California who are trying to control where we urinate and defecate. Or haters who maim and kill as if it was open season on transpeople.

Maybe things are getting better, but just in case, take Sergeant Phil Esterhaus words to heart and let's be careful out there.

Source: MyHabit

Wearing Sara Emanuel (left) and Valentino (right).

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"A Woman Inside" by Emmatyan


  1. With all this PR-It's difficult to remember the younger trans girls such as Leelah Alcorn and the recent girl in California who committed suicide after intense bullying at school. So bad she tried to wear her headsets as she walked through the halls at high school to drown out the abuse- and she had absolutely NO friends. The same is happening around here where I live. The GLSEN group tries to do wonders.
    Certainly the "glitz" of having your gf dress you up as a girl we see on You Tube and other places is alluring but the trans woman sex worker shot in the face in Cincinnati a couple nights ago is more compelling.
    We ALL need to make sure our moment in the spotlight isn't wasted!!!

  2. Unfortunately the Bruce Jenner story is turning into a three ring circus in large part because of his/her association with the Kardashian Klan and their hunger for free publicity mostly based on being famous for no particular talent or ability. This risks pouring cold water on the advancement of recognition and treatment of gender dysphoria. Let's hope that things don't degrade even further.

  3. Nobody should ever be persecuted for being transgender. I do have those tendencies with my being on M2F HRT for over 3 years, and having breasts and long hair. On the other hand I have a basso profundo voice, among the deepest of male voices (I am almost a contrabasso - the deepest male voice). I live as a man. On a lighter note, I write the following:

    I looked at today's posting with the skirt and pants symbols for restrooms reversed. When I wear skirts as a man I sure better not use the standard symbols to select the restroom to use. Now it is much easier to urinate standing up with a skirt or dress as one does not have to fumble with a zipper. All a male wearing a skirt or dress all I have to do to urinate standing up is to simply lift the hem!

    John H