Sunday, April 5, 2015

Kaitlynn’s Favorite Photos (of Kaitlynn!)


Dear Stana,

I've been following your blog for a little while (after accidentally stumbling across it a few months ago) and have been enjoying your posts so far. I figured if you find them acceptable, that I would try my hand at sending in my submission for your favorite photo series.

The first is me from a couple of years ago, back in 2013, while the second one was just taken last month. 

Looking back on them, the first used to be my favorite because I think at the time I believed everything had finally come together enough for me to be comfortable with and feel truly myself, the hair, the makeup, everything.

Have you ever had a brief period of time that you've later looked back on and realized just how much things ― and yourself have changed? Oh, how things have changed... mostly me, over the past two years. I've since shed the wig, gotten better at makeup, become more confident and grown like every other girl out there and I like to think I'm now able to call myself a young woman. 

Long story short, those two are my favorites because for me they symbolize where I've come from and where I am now as I look into the future.




My open invitation to post your favorite photo along with the story behind it and the reason it is your favorite photo still stands, so don't be shy, send me your fave foto. ― Stana





WSource: Anthropologie

Wearing Anthropologie.






Not your father’s Easter outfit.


  1. Stana, How are you? R u taking time off from your blog or r u going to continue it in the future?

    1. I am taking a short vacation! I'll be back real soon now.

    2. You enjoy yourself and have a great time. Your loyals wil wait!