Saturday, April 4, 2015

Christina Marie’s Favorite Photos (of Christina Marie!)


Hi Stana,

A while back I found your blog through a friend. I am so glad that she did, too. It has become such a great way to relax and I so enjoy reading about your adventures, especially when you post things about tall women.

Since you asked us to share one of our favorite photos with your audience, I couldn’t resist, but send one. But which one? Just like everyone else, it was a chore. One from when I was young or something more recent. That sure is a lot with 25+ years femulating. It didn’t take long.

Most of the time, I went out dressed by myself. My wife and kids knew I dressed, but were afraid of the consequences if I was caught femulating while I was serving in the military. Soon as I retired, I was femulating almost 24/7.

I had decided to go to the park and then get something to eat at a restaurant one Sunday afternoon. My wife and kids loved the sound of it and wanted to go. I asked if they wanted me to change, but they were ok with me femulating during the day with them. Our first stop was at a nice little park. It was a wonderful day in May and you couldn’t have asked for a better one. After a nice walk around the park, we all took pictures together and then I took some solo ones.

We were so hungry and worn out we headed off to the restaurant to eat. I have eaten there a lot, so they knew who I was. Lunch was good as was the company. Did I mention there were more pictures? Like that wouldn’t have happened.

It was a hard tossup between the day out with my wife and kids or hanging out with my parents and siblings as the woman I love to be. Not to worry though because we have a family reunion coming up and they can’t wait for their sister to show up!

Take care everyone and happy Femulating!!!!

Christina Marie

My open invitation to post your favorite photo along with the story behind it and the reason it is your favorite photo still stands, so don't be shy, send me your fave foto. ― Stana





Source: Brahmin

Wearing Brahmin.






Sira Soda, professional Madonna femulator.


  1. Nice story Beautiful Dress & Woman

  2. How fantastic to have such a supportive family! So glad that it is working for you (and the pics show that it is very much working for you, as you simply radiate happiness and contentment in the selection you have chosen to share).

    This is why I love this segment of your blog, Stana, it is very uplifting and, well, just nice to see people being happy for a change online.


  3. I think Christina Marie is the most feminine lass I have seen in this series of guest photographs.