Thursday, April 23, 2015

Reaching Out

After being cooped up all winter by poor weather and poorly-timed illnesses, this girl is anxious to get out and strut her stuff. So midday today, I will be reaching out to a human sexuality class at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven. I expect that other trans people will join me to tell our stories and field all questions the students may have.

Wrapped around the class, I will do some dining and shopping (white jeggings are at the top of my shopping list).

I promise to have a full report for you after the fact.

Source: MyHabit

Wearing Cooper and Ella (top).

When we were "transvestites."


  1. OMG! Yes some of us were that old Stana!

  2. Sally StoneApril 23, 2015

    Stana, I'm old enough that for quite some time I considered myself a transvestite even though I had always detested the term. The information available to me back then labeled my "condition" as a fetish. Without any other information contrary to the transvestite explanation I sort of accepted the description as accurate even though in my heart I knew that what was going on with me was not a fetish.
    Over the years, and thanks to a more thorough exploration of those of us who are trans, and through self-discovery, I am happy and content to no longer have to wear the label of transvestite.


  3. yes it was so very much confusing before the net but than it became a revalation as so very many of us did realize we were not all alone at all!

  4. That Transvestia Cover girl looks like Susanna from "Casa Susanna"
    Barbra Anne