Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sonia’s Favorite Photos (of Sonia!)

Sonia-www Dear Stana,

Your blog is such an amazing resource and I've been a follower for a long long time.

Your open invitation to send in a favorite photo with its story was much too tempting to pass up. I've been a crossdresser for as long as I can remember, but given my circumstances, I'd also have been in the closet for an equally long time. Neither did I have the makeup skills nor the opportunity to venture out into the world and test the waters. Perhaps I also wasn't ready and fully accepting of myself to muster up the courage to say, "This is me and I'm proud of it".

That changed in 2013. I'd come out to a friend many years ago, yet neither he nor I had ever discussed the topic. He is a makeup artist and also happens to be gay, although we all know that doesn't necessarily equal acceptance.

Come end-August 2013, we were chatting and in passing he mentioned in passing that he was going to a gay party. Taking a chance, I asked if I could tag along and not stopping there I asked if I could come dressed. We discussed it for a while and agreed that it would a terrific idea. Then began the excitement, of course, of putting together an outfit, accessories, and colors, all of which was immensely satisfying.

When the day arrived, I was very nervous and also very excited. Venturing into the unknown is what this was and something about that was thrilling. Needless to say the party was great and no one cared two hoots and I even got Ma'am'd a couple of times. Given that it was at night, I had the advantage of dim lighting to give me added comfort.

That was the day Sonia was truly born, one that I will never forget. Sadly, the only picture I have (the photo on top) isn't the clearest, but the smile on my face says it all, I think.

Sonia also celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks later, for the first time en femme (the photo below). Both events hold so much significance to me that I couldn't pick just one.



My open invitation to post your favorite photo along with the story behind it and the reason it is your favorite photo still stands, so don't be shy, send me your fave foto. ― Stana





Source: MyHabit

Wearing Nina Ricci.






Cecil Beaton


  1. Good for you, stepping up and asking to go! And good for your friend - having you go with was more than acceptance, it was an endorsement of his friend. And a nice smile is always your best accessory.. and you have one.

  2. You look great Sonia, tasteful outfits and makeup spot on. Step out and enjoy, you look like the girl next door, beautiful and truly feminine. You have that confidence as well. Hugs!