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How to Shop for Large Size Shoes

A girls guide to heels, heights and happiness

By Alex Oxborough
Co-Editor Isy B. Shoes, the shopping directory and blog for large size shoe shopping

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There is nothing like a cute new pair of heels to put a spring in your step and a wiggle in your walk. Because heels give you a literal lift, they also give you confidence — or the illusion of confidence — so they are a key weapon in any woman’s armor. In the past shopping for heels could be tricky if you took a large size, but happily there are now some great brands and designers making beautiful shoes in larger sizes. 

Here’s our guide to buying your new favorite pair of heels:

Fit & Sizing 

Our number one tip for buying heels you will love to wear? Fit. It sounds obvious, but heels look great because they shift the weight of your body forwards, which straightens out your posture and gives your hips a natural swing. The catch is that any issues in their fit are more acute, and can quickly give you foot health issues that negatively impact your posture in the long run. 

If you have wide feet, then you might like to check out Samanta Shoes (up to size 14) who offer a wide fit option, or Ultimate Shoes, who have a basic website, but cute shoes in a great range of sizes and widths. For large sizes and narrow fittings, then you might like Ghigo Calzature (up to size 15), as Italian-made shoes often come up narrow. Just make sure you check your shoe size (it changes over time) and the exact product measurements before buying as size conversions between countries are not exact.


The key to feeling great in high heels is balance. Shoes that are not well made can often lack balance in the heel and leave your ankles feeling wobbly as you walk. Better quality shoes often have steel reinforced heels to keep you steady, and for styles such as very high heels and stilettos this becomes very important. To check whether the shoes you are trying on have good balance walk up and down on them on carpet or a rug for a while, if you can’t get into a swing with them by leaning back into the heel a little and loosening your knees, then they lack the balance you need. 

Brands that pay a lot of attention to balance include Stuart Weitzman (up to size 14), who prides himself on designing high heels you can walk in, and Sensational Soles (sizes 11-14), a new brand with great manufacturing values.

Heel Height

Killer heels can be just that. As Mr. High Heels himself, Christian Louboutin said, “High heels are beauty with pain.” And after a few hours in his signature Pigalle sky-high needle heels, anyone would agree. High heels are about feeling good and having fun with your look, so if you don’t feel confident in super high heels, then go for a low or medium heel to start. Many tall women find high heels scary (I did for years), but the good news — if you are tall — kitten heels really only suit tall people, so you have the option to make like Michelle Obama, and make the more wearable kitten heel your own.

If you fancy splashing out on your dream designer pair of shoes Christian Louboutin only goes up to a size 12, but Jimmy Choo goes up to size 13, and has the flirty Aza kitten heel style. If you dream of designing your own shoes, then check out Shoes of Prey (to size 15, great width options), their fun app lets you picks from dozens of style and materials options to create your own shoe design masterpiece — and they are a fraction of the price of luxury shoe brands.


At Isy B. we firmly believe buying cute shoes should be all about having fun and feeling beautiful. So experiment with what suits you, and what makes you feel good. Just remember — sexy does not have a size. 

So there you go, our guide to shopping for large size shoes. For more tips, tricks and big shoe brands check out Isy B. Shoes. Our community generated shopping directory has hundreds of large size brands for every size and occasion. You can search for your next favorite store, and pay it forward with your brand and designer reviews. We hope to see you there!

Wearing Christina Stambolian.

Femulating Princess Diana.

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  1. I buy my shoes at a store where they still have salespeople because I have difficult feet, one foot is a size larger. Because of that they have to build up one shoe for a proper fit. The store carries sizes up to 14.

    I found one pair of dress shoes with a 2" heel that fit like a glove and the sales woman was all smiles. When I took them off I noticed the tag $220! Whoa... no thanks.