Tuesday, August 5, 2014

9 Million

keyboard The blog's hit counter climbed past the 9 million mark on Monday!

When I started this blog back in the winter of 2007, I never dreamed the blog would become so popular. I just wanted to encourage (by example) other girls like me to flee the closet and experience the world as women.

I have achieved that goal.

My correspondence and face-to-face encounters reveal that many girls who never considered going out before were inspired by this blog to go out and are very happy that they did. They only regret that they waited so long to take that first step (been there, done that).

I wonder how many other success stories there are that I never heard about? If you have a success story, you are welcome to tell it here and inspire even more girls to live the rest of their lives as women.

You go, girls!





Source: Metrostyle

Wearing Metrostyle.





Swedish singer Yukiro Dravarious femulates all day and all of the night in Tokyo.


  1. Congratulations...9 million is awesome.
    I try to avoid measuring but I do take whatever opportunities to dress and get out of the house. I have a short business trip this week to way upstate NY. I think I will drive up while dressed and get out while dressed to a different place each night. Every small step is part of the journey we are all taking.
    Keep up your good work.

  2. The only thing I can say to that is, Damn the torpedos!

  3. Stana, WOW woman- and CONGRATULATIONS! Your perseverance and dedication to providing the "gold standard" of blogs in our world has always shown brightly to me since I found "Femulate"!
    As far as being one of "those" who waited way too long to transition, I'm guilty as charged. Even though I'm nearly full time now and living an existence I could only dream of five years ago, I can't help but think of the "what if's" if I had came out earlier in life.

    Good luck on reaching 10 Million!!!

  4. Congratulations Stana!
    I only found your blog this year (through T-central), I’ve worked my way forward from day one and arrived in the present only last week, awesome I must say! It’s a wonder you have time for family and work. Having nearly 8 years of your thoughts (and actions) every night over the last 3 months in fast forward mode was such an experience! I can believe you are an inspiration for a lot of people. You and a few others girls have inspired me at last to go out (that is, on-line order) and buy a complete wardrobe, wigs, makeup the full works! I am now the proud owner of 14 pairs of heels in only 2 months! I’ve now got storage problems…
    Sorry for going on, but you are rather infectious - in the nicest possible way- I’ll stop here before I get hot flushes! Again congratulations.