Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fantasia Fair Femulate Blog Party

at Fantasia Fair 2008 In a mere two months, I will be packing for Fantasia Fair, which runs from Sunday, October 19 to Sunday, October 26.

In conjunction with Fantasia Fair, there will be a Femulate Blog Party on Tuesday afternoon, October 21. The "party" will provide an opportunity to meet and greet other femulators who read this blog (or not) and make it to Provincetown. It will also be an opportunity to meet yours truly (what a thrill!)

The Femulate Blog Party is part of the Fantasia Fair program and as such, is only open to folks who are paid and registered attendees of Fantasia Fair. It is not open to the general public, so you can feel safe and secure; there will be no transgender chasers or transgender haters in attendance.

During my three previous Fantasia Fairs, I seldom encountered a hater. The only haters I ran into were the proprietors/employees of a pharmacy in the heart of Provincetown. Maybe "haters" is too strong a term. But I found that they were very cold whenever I did business in their establishment. And other girls indicated to me that they got the cold shoulder there, too. Otherwise, I found all the other civilians in town to be friendly and accommodating.

On the other hand, I encountered a lot more transgender chasers than haters during my three visits to Fantasia Fair. The chasers show up by the busload during Fantasia Fair because they know we are in town en masse and present an easy target... not that we are "easy."

Actually, I found it flattering to be chased. Thank-you, but no thank-you.





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  1. I've encountered a lot more transgender haters during my life as a woman. While the haters of us "trannies" are very plentiful, they in no way out-shine the chasers! We can avoid the haters.

    You are right, it is nice to be chased and I find it flattering. Sometimes I let myself get caught! OK, most times! But I'm me and I'm "easy"!

    I wish you nothing but the best at Fantasia Fair.

    ps: you look good in that LBD, Stana!

  2. That LBD is one of my favorites for partying, Billie!