Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fantasia Fair On My Mind

Jamie Dailey & me The Fantasia Fair Facebook page has been more active lately as the count down to Fantasia Fair progresses (62 days to go). As a result, I have Fan Fair on my mind.

Miqqi Alicia Gilbert, the Executive Director of Fantasia Fair, has written about her experiences at the event and you can read them here. And you can read my daily diary of my first Fantasia Fair here.

At the end of that diary, I ask, "Will I attend future Fantasia Fairs?" and my conclusion was that I don't need to attend Fantasia Fair, but "I am sure I will attend the event again in the near future."

Those conclusions from 2008 are still valid. "If you are a closeted femulator and want to get out of the closet in a safe way, I highly recommend Fantasia Fair to you, but I don't need that." I go out en femme a lot and the places I go are not dangerous, but they do not provide the safety net of Fantasia fair and Provincetown. Rather, I go out in the real world to experience it as a woman. On the other hand, I have returned to Fantasia Fair twice since my first trip and will return again this year.


I met a lot of cool people at Fantasia Fair, wonderful friends and acquaintances, who I want to see again.

Provincetown is a beautiful place to spend a week vacationing (or a life living).

Fantasia Fair food is not the rubber chicken your encounter at a typical convention. At Fan Fair, you dine at honest-to-goodness restaurants. During my three trips to Fan Fair, I only recall having one meal that was just so-so; all the others were at least above average and many were outstanding. And I even learned to like sushi at Fan Fair!

Fantasia Fair has a great program that is entertaining and informative. And if you are a diva or a fashionista, you have an opportunity to perform on stage in the Fan Fair Follies or strut down the runway in the Fan Fair Fashion Show.

Fantasia Fair is a lot of fun and who doesn't need fun?

By the way, to read about my 2010 and 2012 Fan Fair trips, browse my daily posts in the blog archives for October 2010 and October 2012.

Also, by the way, the photo above is me at Fantasia Fair in 2012 with Jamie Dailey, a sister from Connecticut, who I have known like forever!





Source: MyHabit

Wearing MyHabit.






Professional femulator Max Jens, circa 1900

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