Monday, August 4, 2014


Recently, I renewed my interest in stamp collecting.

My mother collected and encouraged me to collect, so I began collecting as a pre-teen and continued well into my mid-teens until life got in the way.

In the interim, I inherited my mother’s collection and a collection of an uncle, who I did not know collected until he passed on and we discovered his collection among his belongings.

About two years ago, I finally got around to see what I had inherited. There were some interesting items, but I did not strike it rich. However, I did catch the bug to start collecting again and have basically been spending a few hours each week organizing what I had in hand and adding a few items from here and there.

As luck would have it, the American Philatelic Society (APS) is having their annual StampShow just up the road in Hartford later this month. From what I gather, the StampShow is a real big event, the stamp collector’s equivalent of ham radio’s Hamvention and I plan to attend one day of the show.

And I plan to attend en femme.

Never having attended StampShow or any other big stamp collector events, I am not sure how to dress. Casual, business casual, or business formal?

I looked all over the Internet for photos of women attending StampShow to get an idea what women wear there, but I have not found much because similar to ham radio, women are in the minority in the stamp collecting world.

From the few photos I did find, I am guessing “business casual,” but I am not sure, so if any of you are stamp collectors and have attended StampShow in the past, please pass along what the average woman wears there.

I want to fit in and not stand out.

Source: Metrostyle

Wearing Metrostyle.

Actor James Lecesne femulating on stage in Diary of a Mad Playwright in 2010.


  1. I'm not a stamp collector nor have I attendees a stamp convention, so to give you typical fashion advice on attendees would be impossible. I do usually have a rule of thumb and that's to dress for an event. And by dress I mean stylish classic outfits that cater to what I may be doing. I also always love to see those ladies that have a sense and style of presents that let's them be seen and not just fit in. If I were going to something that required meeting new people I would want to present myself in a way that said this person has taste and style and cares about how she looks. I think you can do this in anything you wear. If it looks like you put it together rather then threw it on. Of course sensible shoes are the best if your going to be on your feet a lot as you know. I know that you enjoy dresses and even a dress can be dressed down. It just matters what you pair with it. But I think Stana should be able to present her style to the world as I know she is a confident woman of style and grace, just that energy flow and you will do fine.

  2. You can never go wrong wearing a nice dress
    I would rather stand out" for being " overdressed" than to " stand out" for being "underdressed "
    Just my three cents
    Whatever you wear I'm sure you'll look great
    Looking forward to lotsa pix

  3. Not knowing what is expected of a woman, IMO, I would present in business casual. But no matter what you wear I'm sure you'll be fine! You look that good (very natural) as a woman, Stana!

    No doubt you'll have a wonderful time, so do tell us all about it!

    ps; love the stamp you illustrate.

  4. What are the guys wearing?

    1. Mostly business formal and business casual (so I guess I have my answer).