Friday, August 29, 2014

Short Femulations

IMG_0645_ps Happy Labor Day! May your weekend be long and your shorts short!

Teen Tidbits

Some of us are late bloomers and are the equivalent of teenage girls discovering the world of feminine fashion and beauty.

With that in mind, I often pass along tidbits that I hope will help us get through those awkward teenage years and become beautiful young woman ASAP. So here is a tidbit from this week's Daily Makeover: 7 Makeup Mistakes You're Making.

Opera En Femme

Aunty Marlena wrote, "I think your readers would be blown away at the amazing femulations done in an opera by two  counter-tenors some years ago. They were performing in an 18th Century Italian opera called  Artaserse which had been performed originally with castrati in the female roles (because the pope at the time decreed no women could perform in any opera in Rome). When the opera  was revived in 2012, it  was done with the counter-tenors playing the parts of the king's daughter and her friend, the top general's daughter."

See for yourself here and here.

Deal Breaking Heels

Commenting on the short suit I wore last week, Pat wrote, "I simply love your outfit and thinks your legs are gorgeous! I’m also a tall girl and reluctant to wear heels because of it, but you’ve now given me courage!"

I wrote back, "Thank you for the kind words. My mother often remarked that with my shapely legs, I should have been a girl! (Guess what, Mom?)

"Anyway, my attitude regarding heels is that being 6 feet 2 inches tall, wearing flats or heels is not going to be the deal breaker as to whether I pass or not."

As a result, I wear the highest heels that I can stand!






Wearing Bebe.






Singer Arturo Valls femulates Shakira on Spanish television’s
Tu Cara Me Suena (Your Face Sounds Familiar) (2013).


  1. As the quote on your side bar notes wear "...high heels because flat shoes are for quitters.". When I do go out I do wear heels for the same reason. Since I am almost as tall as you are I figure being out dressed as a woman I will be noticed and the extra 3" will not make a difference.

    1. My thoughts exactly, Pat. If I am not going to pass wearing flats, I might as well not pass wearing heels!

  2. I don't have to worry about height (I'm 5' 7") but I always have to factor in how much walking I plan to do! I have yet to find comfy "walking heels" - but I'm still looking.

    1. Beautifeel (made in Israel) has a line of heels that are the most comfortable I've been able to find that are still pretty.

  3. I have to agree with both Stana and Pat that the extra height of heels doesn't make any difference to how I'll be noticed, given that I'm 6ft 3in. So I'm sticking with my 3-inch heels (Karman from Payless, just like in Stana's picture a couple of days ago).

  4. I've been wanting to comment for some time, so here goes: you have gorgeous legs! As a "GG" I admire your sense of style and taste in clothing. I only wish I could wear heels as high as some of those you wear, but having a balance problem, 3.5" is my limit. And I'm only 5'3"!! Ah, the irony! LOL..

    1. Thank you for the very kind words, Kathy!