Friday, August 15, 2014

Crossplay = Cosplay + Crossdress

Nol crossplaying as Rose Lalaonde

Tuesday's Femulator photo depicted a male-to-female crossplayer. I received a few responses to that photo which indicated that some readers of Femulate are not familiar with crossplay.

Simply stated, crossplay is crossdressed cosplay.

It seems that there is more female-to-male crossplaying than male-to-female crossplaying, however, a lot of the guys who crossplay are top-notch femulators! (I should look so good!)

To see what I mean, visit Men of Crossplay and be amazed!





Source: Bebe

Wearing Bebe.





Male crossplayer femulating Kiryuin Satsuki (Kill la Kill).


  1. The crossplayer featured above is NoL aka PrinceConfetti (

    Other great crossplayers to look up:
    Joshua Hart w/J.Hart Designs (
    Nonomy (
    Kuro Dai (
    Umi (
    Aleksandr (
    Faxen (

  2. I don't know if this is still true Stana, but in Japan where Cos-play is HUGE, a couple years ago they tried to ban Mtf Cos players. I think they relented after all hell broke loose...after seeing more than a few of the Mtf participants though, I understood why the girls didn't want the competition!!

    1. Thank you for the heads-up, Cyrsti. I was not aware of that.

  3. Boys are gonna be girls (especially in cross-play) and some of these boys look good as girls!
    Thanks for the pic, Stana.

  4. Baltimore's Otakon 2014 just concluded earlier this month. While I wasn't able to be in town this year, before I retired I frequently ended up with business in town during Otakon days.

    The costumes were fabulous! Some of the players were obviously crossplayers. But I sure didn't clock the good ones...they were so good. I wish I looked half that nice when I dress. (But then, I have to remember that most of the old ones are half my age...LOL!)

    Maybe in my next life...sigh.


    1. I'd love to attend an event as a cross player, but I think I would feel out of place because of my ever-increasing age.

  5. I think everyone is aware there is crossdressing in cosplay (every comicon has the overweight dude dressed as sailor moon). I don't think I realized there was a coined term (crossplay). Also that blog is GREAT! It's one thing to see a crossdresser pass as a woman, it's a totally different story to see a crossdresser pass as a skinny and voluptuous female fantasy character.

    1. Some of the crossplayers are amazing femulators!