Friday, August 22, 2014

Yesterday and Night


That’s me in the photo, ready to begin my day and night out en femme yesterday. It was a typical day out for me --- very interesting with a lot of tales to tell, which I promise to do as soon as I have the time to put all my thoughts down on virtual paper.






Wearing Eva Franco.






Actor Freddie Fox femulating in Worried About the Boy for British television (2010).


  1. Very Cute Stana! Not many girls have the legs to pull this look off but you do and I hope these short suits are still on the racks when I go shopping in the Fall as I'd love to try one on and hope that I can still look as well. The skirt/short/skort reminds me of Hot Pants that were popular in the early 70's - my HS girlfriend had a pair and she looked great in them, I so wished at the time that I could have worn them too. Good Luck at the Stamp Show - I'll be interested to hear about the comments/compliments you may get.

    1. Thank you, Jeanine. My short suit is not a "short suit" per se. I paired the jacket (from Avon) with shorts (from JCPenney) that I already owned and voila! a short suit.

  2. Lovely outfit Stana! I was going to ask if you were going to take pictures when you mentioned the Stampshow and the shortsuit, it seems you can read minds as well as look good!

    1. LOL Abigale. I always take pictures!

    2. Hi Abigale,

      My fat finger inadvertently hit the delete button instead of the post button when I moderated your comment to Monday's post...

      "Stana, how could you not blend in with the crowd with the way you look! 100% stunning!
      Ah stamps, one of the "I've got to collect something" phases of my youth. Will have to dig out the album and see if I have any gems in there (of the flat type of course). I doubt it, but one never knows after a half a century of gathering dust..

      I cannot undelete it, so would you please repeat the comment and I will keep my fat finger away from the buttons.



  3. What a cute outfit! You look very pretty.