Thursday, August 14, 2014

About Mascara


Of all the cosmetics I use, I find that mascara is the most problematic. Not so much applying it; most of the time, I get it on without a problem. Rather, I have issues with the product itself.

Mascara is very inconsistent from brand to brand. Some mascaras are too thick, some are too clumpy, and some are just right. And the few that are just right have shelf-life issues, that is, they dry up or go bad (get clumpy) too quickly.

I was glad to see Daily Makeover's recent post "10 Mascaras That Will Not Clump (No Matter What)." Nice thing about the list is that some of the 10 recommendations are not expensive ($10 or less), so a purchase won't put a big dent in your purse.

By the way, I have been an Avon lady for 18 years and have seen a lot of Avon mascara products come and go. I have tried most of them over that time.

Early on in my Avon career, I did not find any Avon mascaras I liked --- I would try them once and swear them off after that initial use.

Things changed for the better and over the last half dozen years or so, I have been very satisfied with Avon mascaras and they are what I use almost all of the time.

But your mileage may vary.





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  1. I have always used Maybeline Greal lash. (Waterproof) it's cheap, and has a small brush that you can control easily. I've never had clumps.

    1. I have often used Great Lash, too.

  2. I'm using Loreal telescopic, love the smaller brush and the way it's bent. I find "thickining" to be too clumpy so I always go with "lengthening".

    If people could just get over their fear that a "guy" is going to put on a dress just to harass a woman in The ladies room. We'd all be sharing beauty tips with the best of them.

    Of course if more women started to conceal carry, this male pervert in the bathroom fear, might just go away on it's own.