Monday, April 21, 2014

Woman’s Day

womans_day Tuesday is Woman's Day for me --- a full day out in the world as a woman.

I plan to do a little shopping in the morning, then go to Southern Connecticut State University to do transgender outreach at two Human Sexuality classes.

I live for Woman's Days --- those days when I can experience the world in my preferred gender. The rest of the time, those non-Woman's Days, I reflect on my last recent Woman's Day and anticipate my next Woman's Day.

Which is kind of sad... wasting those days in between living as a MINO (man in name only) when I  could be living full-time as a woman.

C'est la vie.





Actors Alex Ringler and Marty Thomas femulating on stage in Pageant: The Musical
(New York City, February 2014).





Source: Madeleine

Wearing Madeleine.


  1. Your women's days are wonderful for many reasons. surely you get the enjoyment and fulfillment of spending the day in female mode but you also make great strides with your outreach. You will never know how many people you help. some of that help may not be evident for years. a girl in the class today may meet a closet CD 5 years from now and have good vibes and knowledge from you time today.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Unless you read the cover of the magazine you might not realize the content, nicely done my dear. If only a magazine really existed. I love my days en femme, I cannot go out as fully dressed but Its blue jeans, makeup and a wig away. I will be there someday as I improve my makeup and wig fashioning skills. Not to pass but to be me and blend as best I can. I love the older conservative "Aunt Paula" look. Have a great day Stana and keep up the fantastic work you do!

  3. So what's stopping you?
    Let me guess

  4. I say C'est la vie all the time, it's approprtiate. But then again, it's just might be the girl in me!