Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Little Class

portrait_2014-03-07_cropped_5x7 There was interest in having a Femulate gathering at Fantasia Fair this year, so I completed the workshop proposal and submitted it to Dallas Denny, the Fantasia Fair Program Coordinator.

With the workshop proposal, I also had to submit a recent photo for publication in the Fantasia Fair Program Guide (in case my workshop is approved). Instead of submitting any old recent photo, I used Photoshop to insert a backdrop into a recent photo to give it a little class. The result appears to the right.

To make up for missing International Transgender Day of Visibility on Monday, I femmed-up my appearance for Tuesday with skinny jeans, a hip-length magenta tunic, black flats, and pink lip gloss.

Nobody mentioned my appearance. Either they did not notice or they were not surprised.





Claude André, a French professional femulator circa 1960





Source: ShopBop

Wearing Red Valentino.


  1. I have gone out in "boy" mode is a similar outfit (skinny jeans, tunic top and flats) with no response or second looks. Its amazing to me how times have changes. You mentioned your recent college event with attending students now femulating. I predict femulating will be a cultural non-issue with a decade. It will be only us older girls who will be slow to change due to our past. If we would let go, we would find society is more accepting. We need to accept ourselves. I bet you a dinner a Foxwoods California Pizza, that if you femulated at work, there would be no issue and most suspect anyway.