Saturday, April 19, 2014

They might as well


Dressbarn is super supportive of the trans community.

Their sales personnel do not bat an eye when a guy shopping for clothing in their stores wants to use the dressing room to try on what he picked out.

Dressbarn used to close the store and let groups host Very Indulgent Parties (VIPs). Members of the group would model the latest fashions and everyone in attendance could make purchases at a discount. I don’t see that option on their website any longer, but in the past, they were just as comfortable with transwomen VIPs  as they were with genetic women VIPs.

I always feel very comfortable shopping in Dressbarn, whether I am in en femme or en homme. The sales personnel at my local Dressbarn know me in either mode of dress and treat me with respect and in a friendly manner either way. And I am treated that same way in any of their stores even where I am UFO (unidentified femulating object).

So when are they going to drop the other high heel shoe and open a men’s department? Probably maybe never, but they will still get my business.





Professional femulator, Percy Vanderpoel, New York City, 1885.






Gila Golan


  1. I love dress barn and at one time had a store where everyone knew my name. It was so wonderful to feel a corporation promoted this kind of comfort and accessibility to our community. This only one of the numbers of experiences I have heard about from our sisters and from the cis women that I've known that worked their stores.

    I'm not sure though that I would want a men's department in a woman's store as it removes an air of femininity.

  2. The last time I was in a Dress Barn, I was appropriately en-femme, and wearing my new makeup. The sales staff was all involved in a gab-fest with a genetic female customer (apparently known to them), and totally ignored yours truly. I was prepared to buy a new blouse, but wanted some advice on a suitable style and color. It was their loss (a sale) and my gain (the cost of the blouse.)

    Based on what you have found, I need to try Dress Barn again, but in a different location!



  4. I've shopped there "drab" and had no trouble what so ever. They were friendly and never batted an eye when I made it clear that i was indeed shopping for me.

  5. I looked all over and can't find that web page. I have shopped at Dress Barn in the past, but had to do it on my own, as I could get no help from the shop staff.


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