Thursday, April 17, 2014

Slots of Fun!

Yesterday's post was short. After I returned home from the casino, I went to bed early without writing much about my day (other than mentioning my big win) because I had a nasty stomach ache. I don't know if it was something I ate or an illness, but I felt very sick and my stomach is still not 100% as I start writing this 24 hours later.

Pat asked what I wore to the casino and I replied to her comment with "I wore black leggings, white sweater, black pumps, and black bag. I have no photos --- did not bring my camera and my iPhone was not cooperative."

I did take a few selfies with my iPhone, but erased them by mistake. The only photo that survived was the slot machine photo that I took with the Camera app, whereas I took the selfies with the Selfie app, which I am a novice at using.

I arrived at the casino around 9:30 AM and the place was very quiet, but it filled up as buses deposited 2,500 senior citizens at the casino doors in the late morning just about the time my luck changed for the better.

It has gotten to the point that I am not as aware of the public I pass through as I have been in the past. In that not too distant past, I was noticed everyone around me to see how they reacted.

It turns out that very few people react to me because, I assume they don't notice me. I am invisible, more or less, just like other middle-aged women.

A small minority of men and women check me out, but I don't know why because no one ever confronts me. So why should I waste my time worrying about others? Instead, I just try to enjoy myself because after all, girls just want to have fun!  





Source: Male pattern Boldness

Peter Lappin of Male Pattern Boldness fame femulating
as his cousin Cathy Lane on the streets of New York City.





Source: Bluefly

Wearing Willow & Clay.


  1. Some of the people who DO notice you may simply notice how tall you are for a woman. They may check you out, walk by, and just think "That was one big girl"

  2. "Peter Lappin...femulating as his cousin Cathy Lane" had me wondering whether this was a take off on the old "Patty Duke Show" where Patty Duke play both the role of Patty Lane the rambunctious American teenage girl and her more reserved, staid, aloof and proper cousin Cathy Lane. Patty often wore slacks, jeans and tops while I seem to recall that Cathy was more partial to the conservative style dresses of the era.
    I was just wondering if you knew.

    1. Peter did mention "The Patty Duke Show" in connection to his Cathy Lane in a 2011 blog post (, so you may be onto something.

  3. I totally agree with this line "It turns out that very few people react to me because, I assume they don't notice me. I am invisible, more or less, just like other middle-aged women."

    I feel the same way while out and about.

  4. Hey Stana, are you in Las Vegas? My wife and I are here on a girly adventure. Shout if you're here and would like to meet up. Hugs, Michelle

    1. Sorry - I went to a casino in Connecticut, not Vegas.

  5. Gambling is fun