Monday, April 7, 2014

Pejic Speaks

Transcendent fashion model Andrej Pejic sat down for an interview with Isabel Wilkinson for New York Magazine's The Cut.

Four years ago, when model Andrej Pejic walked in the John Paul Gaultier show, people weren’t sure what to make of him: Here was the prettiest woman they’d ever seen — with long blonde hair and high cheekbones — who just happened to be a 19-year-old boy from Serbia. 

Over these last few years, Pejic — who now identifies with female-specific pronouns — has landed major jobs in the fashion world: walking in men’s and women’s shows, and modeling in countless editorials. And around her there have gradually been more images of gender diversity in the fashion world, with models like Casey Legler and Lea T rising to fame, as well as Barney’s much-lauded transgender campaign.

Now Pejic is branching out — and, as many models do, building her brand. Last night at the Gilded Lily, she launched a line of minimal 3-D-printed jewelry in a collaboration with the brand Sam H Snyder. Next, she is shopping an almost-finished autobiography around to literary agents, filming a documentary about her life, and plotting a move into modeling cosmetics. She spoke to the Cut about building Andrej Pejic Inc., how the industry has become more open to gender diversity — and the work that’s still left to be done.

Read the entire interview here.

Circa 1920, a West Point cadet femulates in a stage production at the academy.

Source: ShopBop

Wearing Robert Rodriguez.


  1. How many of "us" say 40,30,20,10 years ago that would of been me?

  2. Maybe 50 LOL! Besides being a knockout, she really speaks for the androj and middle issues. Seems most tgirls try to hard to be women (not all bad) but its not a all or nothing. I(ahem) love the balance between the fem and drab, sometimes ya got to get dirty. Not in my better dress I won't.
    Hugs Stana xoxox

  3. May the farce be with him and may he live long and prosper.
    For many in the 'hidden majority' the 'Holy Grail' has been to pass. I am of the school of dressing as nicely and and beautifully as possible but recognize that passing is not the be all and end all of my dressing.
    While Andrej and many of the others in the new spate of males modeling female clothing could pass if they so desired I find it much better if they make it a point of not passing but of merely presenting as men appearing as beautiful women.
    If a beautiful male passes as a woman there are no eyes opened. If a male presents as a beautiful woman then we have something that people take notice of and that people are now finding acceptable.
    Unless a femulator is very passable or living in fools paradise she will most likely have to go out and about with the understanding that she will likely be read. Being read is OK if you are accepted in your presentation as belonging in the setting you have chosen to visit.