Friday, April 18, 2014

Woman Up

Source: Fashion to Figure I prefer garments that have skirts versus garments that have legs. As a result, my wardrobe weighs heavily with dresses and not so much with pants. I own one pair of dress pants, one pair of capris, two pairs of shorts, and four pairs of leggings.

Real women wear pants more often than skirts or dresses, so it is time to woman up and add more pants to my wardrobe.

I plan to do some shopping real soon now and I already perused the Fashion to Figure website to get an idea of what to look for and try on. They have a cute jumpsuit that might look attractive on me and I definitely want to try on a pair of their faux leather leggings. And I am sure while I am in the store, other items of interest will catch my eye.

A new acquaintance, Jeanine, mentioned that she has been out and about and recently attended a Women's Expo in Duluth. She remarked that she was treated very nicely by several vendors including the Essentia Health Skin Renewal Center, a Mary Kay representative and other nice people she met at the fashion show. (That's Jeanine's photo in the Femulator slot below.)

These women's expos seem to occur regularly in various locations in my neck of the woods and I have often considered attending. I was wondering if any other Femulate readers have attended such expos and if so, what was your experience (good and/or bad).

Do tell!





Source: Jeanine Williams

Jeanine Williams attending the 2014 Choice Unlimited Arts Masquerade Party in Duluth.





Source: Madeleine

Wearing Madeleine.


  1. I agree with the premise of you post that women wear more pants than most of us. I am even more deficient than you are regarding the percentage of womans pants in my wardrobe since when I do buy women's clothing I tend to go with dresses and skirts.
    I think that the jumpsuit looks wonderful BUT I would caution you to consider practicality. Years ago my wife had a beautiful blue jumpsuit. While it looked great on her she only wore it twice due to the difficulties of using the facilities. She would have to almost complete disrobe on each visit to the ladies room.
    Over my life I have done a fair share of snow skiing. While I have never owned a one piece ski jumpsuit I know several people, men and women who have. No one I know ever bought a second one due to the facilities use issue.

  2. I now have quite a few pairs of ladies jeans and trousers, not least because I have simply sopped buying any other type. Trousers can be just as feminine as skirts, as long as you chose carefully

  3. Interesting read. My wardrobe also consists of waaaaaay more skirts and dresses than pants. When I'm out in public, I'm more comfortable wearing pants (I usually skinny jeans) because it attracts less attention and allows me to "blend in" better. As soon as I'm "in for the day", I loose the pants and put on a nice skirt. Somehow I always feel most feminine when in a skirt or dress and just treat pants more like a "this allows me to have a low profile in public" thing.

    I keep hoping that skirts and dresses will become more popular again, but I'm not holding my breath. Oh well. I never was one to follow "popular" trends, anyway. :)

  4. I'm rocking a pair of mom jeans right now. Like you, I began noticing that most women in my neighborhood don't wear skirts and dresses around the house or out walking around the neighborhood (my wife rarely wears anything but pants of one sort or another) so I began dressing as the Romans. I'm just hanging around the house today (crappy weather) so I dug one of my pair of mom jeans out. I have jeans (mom and skinny), capris and shorts and I find that I wear pants more often now than skirts or dresses. Still, there's nothing quite like a dress or skirt. I'll never give them up.

  5. My closet is filled with skirts and dresses and short shorts, a few fitted leggings also but no long pants.

  6. It seems to me the transgender community is finding greater acceptance by our cis sisters. Everywhere I go from Macys to Sephora to womens stores in general I feel a subliminal acceptance whatever I am wearing. Like we joined their club or something. Now with Hollywood having more trans actresses and themes the world is coming around. Hopefully this is true and not just being naive. Anyone seeing this as well?

  7. I was recently at a consignment store where I was treated very nicely by the salewoman and dropped off some items including one of the few pairs of female slacks that I own. It was interesting to see that this store was full of sophisticated and professional outfits along with some very dressy and formal wear, as well as springtime fashions, which are not my preference. Their selections strengthened my belief that there are still women who prefer to attire themselves in a way that we all appreciate. I do agree with Gabrielle that we will blend in more wearing slacks but being a tall girl anyway I doubt it will make a diff in my case. The saleswoman I met also strengthened my skirt-wearing resolve when she complimented my appearance (wearing a chocolate brown skirt, pecan hose, low heels and a faux leather snakeskin coat) and only "read me" because she's worked with our community before, otherwise she thought I was what I appeared to be .... needless to say I'll be back there in September when the Fall fashions I prefer are in stock.