Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Many Aspects of Gender

By Romana

Romana wrote an interesting piece for Femulate, “The Many Aspects of Gender,” which describes her take on gender. Her article is long, so you will find it in its entirety on a separate webpage, but the introduction to her article follows with a link to the rest of the article. mtf_symbol

I have gained a lot of experience in my seven and a half years living full-time as a transgender woman. My Buddhist meditation practice has revealed many unexpected insights. My life has always been experiential, constantly trying new things out. I guess Asperger’s syndrome has enabled me to be quite bold. I have never been in the closet. My hormones had been out-of-balance for years, but that has been fixed, causing my entire psyche has come into focus. I am now legally Romana and legally female, without any gender-altering surgeries. Recently, I have been communicating with women just like another woman, so I think I now have a woman’s point-of-view. Women’s issues have become mine, and I have developed a true desire to improve women’s lives. I have reached, or aspire to reach all my recommendations.

I think that image and clothing is a catalyst that can provide a gateway to variations of gender expression beyond standard. New gender experiences can be liberating, because they can allow one to try out a diversity of behaviors that might otherwise have been severely restricted. that they can negotiate.

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Source: Drag magazine

The Raelle Sisters – sibling professional femulators circa 1972.





Source: Madeleine

Wearing Madeleine.

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  1. Always love your comments and thoughts. I remember the 1st logo from decades ago with virgina prince's books. I still think of her as the grand mother of the str8 cd movement. Went thru so much including being arrested on a felony for sending out her non sexual news letter to a small group of cds back in the 50's. Its amazing how our lives have changed. Thank you for your work, its good and worthy..
    Diane Leonard