Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Her Suits Her Fine


Yesterday was International Transgender Day of Visibility.

I missed it. I would have dressed more appropriately for work on Monday if I knew beforehand. On the other hand, I am glad that I was dressed in boy mode on Monday.

I drove to work through a wintry mix of rain, sleet, and snow. As I parked my car at work, the wintry mix was no longer mixed and it snowed for the next three hours depositing 5 inches of heavy snow throughout my neck of the woods!

Like I said, I am glad that I was dressed in boy mode because I hate walking in heels through slush. However, I did display visible signs of my femininity yesterday.

Have I mentioned that I am letting my hair grow?

I have not visited my hairdresser since November and my hair is now the longest it's been since my college days. A woman engineer at work noticed my long hair the other day and said it looked "cool."

I noticed other people at work checking out my hair. Some of them may be thinking that my days as a boy at work are numbered and that I will be working as a lady real soon now. 

Meanwhile, no one on the home front has mentioned it, although my sister made a negative comment the last time I saw her. This is the same sister who is a big LGBT supporter with one exception: her transgender brother, so I took her comment with a grain of salt.

I am not sure how long I will let my locks grow. They are harder to hide under a wig now and at a minimum, they need to be neatened up by a professional.

And so it grows.





Source: eBay

A West Point cadet (right) femulates in a circa 1920 stage production at the academy.





Source: ShopBop

Wearing Robert Rodriguez.


  1. i am now a full year into intentionally growing my hair out. i keep it in a ponytail for work and around the house, but brush it out and let it curl around my face when en-femme.

    The clients at work think i'm just growing out my hair after chemo (even though the chemo never damaged my hair) and i let them go with that. That way i don't have to come up with any "excuses" :)

    I too will soon have to enlist professional assistance with trimming, but i need to do some more research to have several styling options to present the hairdresser (in case one or more is incompatible with a boi mode presentation).

  2. I have started to grow my hair several times over the past few years and each time when it gets to the point of being unruly I get it cut. I keep it under control with gel when in boy mode and it never gets long enough for me to consider going without a wig when I do go out. As it grew it was hard to get under a wig so I bough a nylon wig cap/hair net that does the job.

    I realized that yesterday was transgender day of visibility. I made my first visit to the MHVTA. I was a ride there and back and I only managed to catch the last few minutes of the meeting but did enjoy meeting several nice people including a wonder person who had participated in the recent True Colors event that you wrote about.

    I understand your concern with being dressed in bad weather. Last month I was upstate on business and dressed to go out. It was snowing and there was a layer of snow and ice on the roads, sidewalks and parking lots. I wore a sturdier 3" heel but the walking conditions were not favorable to such shoes.

    I think that your sister is showing symptoms similar to many women. It is amazing how open and accepting most women are to TG/CD people...except if it is their husband or SO. In your case I am sure your sister would be wonderful interacting with me in a dress or many others but she has your male image seared in her mind and she cannot readily adapt to the femme side of who you are.

    Just my idle thoughts.


  3. I agree whole-heartedly with Pat regarding your sister and her dyed-in-the-wool impression of the male you. It's difficult to lose a brother and more difficult to lose a father and gain a sister!

    My hair is never cut, my nails are always cared for and allowed to grow, both my ears are pirerced and I rarely venture out in bad weather because walking around in heels (and my mini) in my apartment is hard enough. But it all works for me! I just wonder why women (in general) see trans-people differently!

    Good luck - which has nothing to do with being trans. My 2 cents.

  4. I have been wearing my hair on the long side for a bloke for around a year now, this has meant that I can wear it on the short side for a woman, I have it cut and styled in a (mostly) fem style and although I have had a couple of disparaging comments when in boy mode it is totally liberating to not have to wear a wig. I am now even considering having it died blond.