Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Taking a Break

Today, I am taking a break from answering your Ask Me Anything questions, but I promise to resume replying tomorrow.

I found this great cartoon on the Internet and pass it along for your enjoyment.


Also, Andee Werthman sent along a link to a very interesting article, "Traces of a Man Who Disappeared," which appeared in The New York Times on Monday. I invite you to read it; I think you will enjoy it and I thank Andee for passing it along.

By the way, I collected presidential campaign buttons in the late 1960s peaking with the 1968 election and I have a box of buttons that looks just like the drawer of buttons pictured in the article.




Professional femulator, Harry S. Franklyn, circa 1928.



Source: ShopBop

Wearing 4.Collective (dress) and Stevens (shoes).

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  1. Stana, thanks for the link to "Traces of a Man Who Disappeared." It's very well done, sad and sweet. I was moved not only by the lady's finally able to lead the life she wanted to live but also by the reaction of her community.

    I was encouraged to read the comments to the story, too. You never know what kind of comments people are going to leave, but the great majority were appreciative of the story and very sympathetic to the lady who transitioned.