Sunday, July 28, 2013

She's Got Legs

Stephanie found this image on flickr and sent me the link as an example of an interesting ad parody. Turns out that I actually created the parody years ago (I'm guessing about 2005). Stephanie suggested that I post it again, so here it is!


  1. Hi Stana,

    I can't see the ad parody in your post. It could be something on my end but I'm wondering if the picture is missing.


    1. It must be at your end. I checked the post with six different web browsers on a PC, Mac and iPhone, and the image was there.

    2. Stana, thanks for checking and for being so thorough!

      I'll try again on my other computer when I get home tonight.

      I hope you're enjoying your vacation.

  2. I started wearing Hanes because of the ad. Now I still do but also like Leggs Silken Mist. Everyone says my legs look fantastic when I wear the hose and heels. Think I'll continue to do so. Enjoy your vacation.