Monday, July 8, 2013

Men is a Three-Lettered Word

dating I received questions about men, sex, and mixing the two.

Emily asked, “As Stana are you attracted to guys? Are you asexual?”

Pat inquired, “Do you ever feel like having sex with a real man when dressed?”

I am not asexual and I am not attracted to men, but I am attracted to women. (Does that make me a lesbian?)

I have never had the desire to have sex with a man, however, I often think about having sex with a woman with me playing the submissive role in that encounter.

That being said, I am happily married and I have no plans of breaking my marriage vows.

Beth wondered, “What you think about men, being with them when you are dressed, etc?”

I have thought about going on a date with a man using a man as a beard to see how it feels to be treated as a lady. It would be very interesting to dance backwards in heels. 

Paula queried, “Why does sex not appear or exist in any of your postings?”

I strive to keep the blog as family-oriented as possible.




Doing the tango, circa 1925.




Wearing Daily Look.


  1. AnonymousJuly 08, 2013

    I am in complete harmony with your sexual status. I have no desire to go out of my relationship. Yes, it would be "fun" to go on a date with a man, just to have that experience. Actually I have been there and enjoyed those moments being a "woman" but like you Stana, I make a much better lesbian. I am also glad that "sex" is not a large part of your blog, as it is not, or at least in my mind, is not that part of my life that makes the the bloggers headlines. Sex has nothing to do with gender expression. Sex is wonderful and best when shared between two loving participants, I shall say no more.

  2. Dear Stana,

    To answer your question ...

    "I am not asexual and I am not attracted to men, but I am attracted to women. (Does that make me a lesbian?)" ...

    No, I think it makes you a Trans-Siberian!

    LOL :-) :-0

    (Wink wink, nudge nudge)



  3. Hi Stana,
    Great blog today and it covers the ideas most of us have about sex and gender very well. When I first became aware of how it was/is to be seen wearing a dress and how it was something I needed I too wondered how far it could or would go. I did develop a relationship with a neighborhood boy who knew he was gay and we did go out on a few occasions where he needed a girl as he went to an all male school. With his mothers help I was a willing participant as she knew about him from the start and found out about me. it was a long time ago.
    Now that I have a wonderful life partner who lets me think I can do as I want but is still firmly in control, I still may want, and do occasionally go out, but have not gone on a date for a long time. Like you I desire to be true.
    By the way it is very much fun to "dance backwards in heels" as I have done that in the past and on more than a few more recent Halloweens as we still do a lot of ballroom dancing and there is always a party or two to attend in costume.
    Thanks for your blog. Lisa