Thursday, July 11, 2013

Conferencing and Femulating in Boy Mode

101130 Rhonda asked, "Have you ever thought of coming down to the Keystone Conference in Harrisburg, PA? You should. I went first time to a conference this year and loved it. What T-girl conferences have you gone to?"

Since Harrisburg is nearby (about 4.5 hours on the Interstates), I have considered attending the Keystone Conference.

In the past, I attended Fantasia Fair three times in Provincetown, First Event three times in various locations north of Boston, IFGE Convention twice in Philadelphia, and Transgender Lives Conference once in Connecticut.

My first First Event was memorable because it was the first time I attended a trans conference. Fantasia Fair is the best because of the location (I love P-Town) and because of the friends I see and make attending the Fair.

Pat asked, "Do you wear women’s clothes even when you’re in boy mode? Such as jeans, shorts, shoes, etc. Oh, and panties!"

Occasionally, I dress androgynously, but usually my boy mode attire is strictly from the guy's aisles of Walmart. On those days that I do include girl attire in my boy mode outfit, nobody has ever said anything about my wardrobe.

Funny story: One day when I was en femme leaving home in my car, I passed one of my neighbors coming from the opposite direction in her SUV. She knows my car and I am 99% sure that she saw me behind the wheel that day.

A few days later, I was walking the dogs and I ran into her walking her dog. We chatted for a few minutes and then she remarked that I was wearing women's nylon hosiery.

“Not today," I replied as I hiked up the cuff of one of my jeans legs so she could see that I was wearing beige-colored socks that could be mistaken for nylons if you do not look too closely.

"Oh," she said and we went our separate ways.



harry-s-franklyn-fi-ca1929_1 harry-s-franklyn-fi-ca1929_9

  Professional femulator, Harry S. Franklyn, circa 1928.



Source: Pinterest

Wearing it very well.

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