Monday, July 1, 2013

Still Keep On Asking Me Anything

Thank you --- I have already received some thoughtful questions and I plan to begin answering them on tomorrow.

As I mentioned yesterday, if you used the Comments option to send me a question, I am not going to post your Comments, but I will save your questions to be answered along with the ones that came in via e-mail.

This is your opportunity to ask me anything and I promise to respond honestly. So, don't wait. Click on the "send me e-mail" link under my photo in the right column and ask away.




Young femulator, circa 2013.





Source: Daily Look

Wearing Daily Look.


  1. The young femulator looks very good but I'm absolutely captivated by the eyes of the girl below her wearing the short dress!

    It's really too bad for the transgender women in DC, my sympathies and prayers go out to them. I hope they recover quickly.

  2. Dear Stana,

    The young circa 2013 Femulator looks lovely. If I would have seen her, I probably would have thought she was a cis-gender woman. With no other persons in the photo, it's hard to judge her height, but it appears she does not have long limbs, so I'm guessing she's probably no taller than 5'9" in bare feet (and thus even easier to "pass", although I agree with you that being accepted and respected "en femme" is much more important than "passing").



  3. She's pretty