Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Doing Girly Things

Lisa sent me three more Ask Me Anything questions and I decided to have a go at them before going into vacation mode.

1. Do you dream that you are a woman or do you dream that you are crossdressed and wake up wishing you had dreamed you were a genetic woman instead or something else?

Up front, I want to state that I seldom remember my dreams.

That being said I used to have dreams that I was crossdressing. Sometimes I would complete the transformation, but usually my transformation would be interrupted and never completed.

My dreams transitioned about two or three years ago and now I dream that I am a woman. Crossdressing no longer plays a part. Recently, I even dreamed that I was breastfeeding!

2.  What type of "normal" activities do you do en femme?  For example, do you go to salons?  Get you nails done?  Anything else "girly"?

I have never gone to a nail salon mainly because it would be a waste of money since most of my en femme outings are single days or nights out. For those short outings, my pre-glued stick-on nails are more economical.

I have thought about getting my nails done for multi-day outings and since you brought it up, I made a promise to myself to get my nails done the next time I am out for an extended stay.

Shopping is probably my girliest activity. I love doing the malls, browsing the racks, trying on clothes, trying on shoes and putting outfits together.

I also enjoy getting makeovers. I seem to average one a year and I love having a cosmetics professional have their way with me as I relax and take it all in.  

3.  You seem to only be quasi in the closet meaning it probably would not be hard for some people to figure out you are TG. Does that concern you or are you content to let things take their course?

It does not concern me at all. In fact, if anyone is curious enough to ask, I will tell them the truth, but no one has ever asked.

I have dressed en femme at work for three Halloweens and have worn bits and pieces of woman's clothing to work at other times. If my co-workers have not figured it out by now, I am very disappointed in their observation abilities.

In fact, most of the women and some of the guys I work with have had conversations with me that clearly indicated that they knew I was a T-girl. And that is ok by me.

Source: La Cage Aux Folles
Logan Keslar femulating on stage in La Cage Aux Folles, 2010.

Source: MyHabit
Wearing Sue Wong.


  1. AnonymousJuly 24, 2013

    Stana, The next multi day en fem outing your planing you simply must have your nails done, I know it seems like a waist of money, but consider it a treat, to have your nails done while chit chatting with the operator is such a girly thing todo. And the lasting security of not having to worry about loosing a nail, combined with just the feel tapping them on the counter or gathering things from your purse is the ultimate!

    And I agree, as I've been quasi out, it doesn't matter to me, If some asks they get the truth, if they don't, they are either respectful of me and my "hobby" lol or they may be uncomfortable about it. Either way, it's their right to not be in that conversation. I just wish more people wouldn't feel so shy about talking about it. I love to share my story, and I hate assumptions, which is probably what those who do not ask are doing. oh well, life goes on.

  2. More often than not it is hard to remember the precise details of a dream although when I do it typically finds me dressed while out and about. Several years ago I used the drug 'Chantix' to help quit smoking. One side effect of the drug was the potential for vivid dreams. This was very true. I had almost nightly vivid dreams and in almost all of them I was a out and about while dressed. It was so impressive that I started to keep a dream diary. For a few months while the medication was in my system I had a lot of entries in my dream diary. Since then I seem to go in phases where I may have a dream or two a month and then go a few months without any cross dressed dreams.

  3. AnonymousJuly 24, 2013

    A video of Logan Kessler putting on all the slap they are wearing in the picture:

    The magic of very high drag.

  4. My dreams also consist of dressing, but never quite finishing before I wake up. ~~~sigh~~~

    Also, Stana, Thanks for these question sessions. They have been informative and entertaining. Have a good vacation, sweetie!

  5. Thanks and enjoy your vacation, Stana!

  6. Stana,

    One of my greatest pleasures, both as a man and as a woman. A good salon makes all the difference. I highly recommend it.