Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day

on the beach The Fourth of July is just a reference to a calendar date. No matter how much they try to brainwash us with "Fourth of July," remember it is really Independence Day, the day that the colonists thumbed their noses at the British and said we will do it our way, not your way.

Independence Day was the precursor of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights that some of our current leaders and fellow citizens are trying to amend to better fit their idea of what this nation should be: a nation under their “god.”

Well, their god is not my god. Their god does not have compassion for anyone that does not follow what they consider to be their self-defined "norms." There is no room for transpeople, as well as the other segments of TLGB in the nation under their god.

Our forefathers separated from Britain to get away from people like these so-called theists and it is time we reclaim the real meaning of Independence Day here before it is just a fond memory.



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  1. Stana -

    I agree with you in spirit. But I feel we must be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    In moderation, religion is a good thing, as it helps people deal with spiritual pain. But what we both hate is that intolerance many religious people have, that set of behaviors which contradict the underlying tenets of their faith.

    There is a big difference between religion and faith. And there is a big difference between the use of religion to comfort and console people and the use to attack and intimidate others. Social progress is best defined when the underlying value of religion is preserved (consoling people in time of need, providing meaning to life, helping others in need, etc.), and the forces of preserving social conformity are destroyed....


  2. Stana,

    I couldn't agree less. I am a Conservative transsexual, and I know many more like me. It is people like you who create these falsehoods. Remember, it was Clinton who sign DOMA, and Obama was against same sex marriage until he discovered it was hurting him politically. So please stop painting all Republicans with such a broad brush. It is inaccurate and offensive. Even Dick Chaney has a lesbian daughter.


  3. Oh here we go again with your liberal incorrect slant. I enjoy your posts so much better when they just stick to the actual facts, for example any that have to do with the research Starla puts in finding those great old CD pictures. Thanks Starla

  4. Stana,

    I could not disagree with you more. I have traveled the world and have found prejudice among all peoples, believers and non-believers alike. My church welcomes transgendered persons, but that is beside the point, because social change is a stubborn thing, and takes time, because people feel threatened by things that are outside their personal tribal experience, and they need to be exposed in a positive way to the differences before they come around. You might want to consider whether you are doing exactly the same thing to religious groups as some "religious" people do in the name (falsely, I believe) of their religion -- that is, finding a scapegoat for problems in society.

    Happy Independence Day (our premier "civil religion" holiday)! May we all be freed from the tyranny of attitudes that try to put us in a box and limit our ability to serve others in need.

    Thank you for publishing your blog.


  5. I agree with you totally and admire your chutzpah for saying it in your oh-so-public forum.

  6. Dear Stana,

    I love you and admire what you do.

    You are so right to expose those that twist God's words to condemn any person since the whole point is that God loves us all. It shocked and saddened me to read that that you're still suffering the idiots out there bastardizing religion that way. Lucky for me, down in the deepest part of Mississippi, I'm welcomed with open arms by my congregation.

    But I guess intolerance knows no bounds. Even among the LGBT community certain orientations question the authenticity of the feelings of others.

    Oh well, I choose to love all people, even those that might hate me for who I am.

    Happy 4th!

  7. Hi Stana,

    Happy 4th of July! I wholeheartedly support your views. Comments from others on this piece *ouch*....What does being conservative in political views have to do with religion? You said it right- that this country was founded by those who were fleeing religious persecution in their own country. But we have come a full circle and religion is being used to hammer a certain point of view. When DOMA was repelled, a certain conservative talk show host with a tendency to abuse prescription medications, actually said on his show that this is like going away from God and if you take God out of America, there is no America left! I can point to the transcripts of the show if anyone cares to check. The question that popped up in my head upon hearing this was, how do you define God? God is everyone's personal belief and their own construct, but your God may not be my God. Which "God" did the Founding Fathers refer to? If a certain Old Party with Grandiose ideas keeps linking religion and politics and invoking God, as that conservative commentator did, what are we to think? Why can't we keep religion out of politics (and people's bedrooms) ? If I am not mistaken, Prop 8 was sponsored by those who thought it went against the teachings in a religious book. Why use religion as a prop to hide under?

    Some of the other readers have called your post a liberal rant but who is fighting for women, minorities and TLGB population? If news stories after news stories are to be believed, Republicans are doing diddly squat! Arizona tried to pass anti-TG bathroom law, Texas legislature is trying to make women's lives even more miserable and all this is done in the name of religion? What a shame! Isn't it ironic that we call ourselves the Greatest Nation on Earth and pride ourselves in taking the high moral ground and yet our politicians use the same dirty tactics of invoking religion which are used in so called "third world countries"?

    On this Independence day, we all should ponder the meaning of real "independence" for all - not just for a select few. It has special meaning for many of the Femulate readers who are part of the persecuted minority under a conservative lens! Long live freedom and long live the freedom to "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" for one and for all- irrespective of their gender, race, political ideology and religion!



  8. Dear Stana,

    I agree with you 100%. I hope you had a good Independence Day. I look forward to more of your answers to your devoted readers' questions.



  9. Hi Stana, interesting set of comments. I am not going political on you but going to ask when did you pose with the swimming suit on in the top picture? I am sure that it is you from a bit earlier age. Wouldn't it have been so much fun to have been able to do that as soon as we realized who, and perhaps, what we are. I do wish I still had some of my earlier pictures having throw most of them out during a purge of guilt.
    Thanks for your blog.

  10. Stana,
    So may things to comment about...
    One cannot simply look at outcomes in politics and discern someone's beliefs. Clinton signed DOMA since it was a way to prevent even more draconian laws from being pushed forward.

    To think that someone should not or cannot change their understanding of a situation (such as same-sex marriage or transgenderism) is to believe that the human race is incapable of thinking and reanalysis of changing facts and views. Reanalysis of new data or critical reanalysis of assumptions are necessary for society's progress. Remember, the earth is flat.

    The Christian God is a God of love. I will maintain forever that those who condemn their fellow man in the name of God are not true Christians. It is my duty as a Christian to love all men and women no matter their station in life. Anything less is falling short (which, of course, being human, I do suffer from also.) The best response to those that condemn us in God's name is to ignore them as they do not speak the truth.