Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Truly Look Like A Woman

My original Tuesday post was longer than the others from last week, but I have a lot to add nonetheless.

Tuesday, I wore my new ponte heart print dress from Julian Taylor (via ideeli) over black tights. Since I planned to do a lot of walking that day, I wore my black Mary-Jane flats and carried my favorite black bag

I returned to the Boatslip Resort to see Scarlett Thompson's workshop titled "The Magic in Your Makeup."

No matter how many makeup workshops I attend, I always come away learning something. My takeaway from Scarlett was a list of relatively inexpensive cosmetics that girls can use to do the job as well as the more expensive department store offerings.

Lunch was nearby at Bayside Betsy's --- one of my favorite restaurants in P-Town. (Bayside Betsy's catered the Monday night BBQ, by the way.) I sat at a table with a girl who I had befriended at Fantasia Fair two years ago: Cossette. Joining us were mostly new girls who I did not know. I struck up a conversation with Elle, who was en homme and we hit it off chatting throughout lunch. Elle is a very tall girl and made me feel petite!

After lunch, Hera Navassardian had her way with me in her Klymaxx Unlimited studio and gave me an image-changing makeover.

Her makeover emphasized my eyes and made them pop and instead of a wig that had "secretary" written all over it, she replaced it with one taht had "sexy" written all over it.

To tell you the truth, I was taken aback by my new look and I am still not sure about it.

Everyone agreed that I looked completely different. When I saw Elle a few hours after my makeover, she had no clue who I was even after spending over an hour chatting with me over lunch.

Most people raved about my new look, but a few people, in particular, old friends said they preferred the secretary. Despite my internal conflict, I stuck with my new look for the remainder of the week.

The Virginia Prince Transgender Pioneer Award Banquet was on tap Tuesday evening, so I dressed appropriately to kill wearing my new JCPenney purple ruffle dress, silver jewelry featuring my silver multi-strand necklace, and black patent peep-toe sling back high (4-inch) heels. I thought that the dress accentuated my figure and I was very happy with the way I looked.

Since the banquet was only a block away at The Crown & Anchor, I walked there wearing my heels. At the banquet, people gushed over me.

One girl proffered the ultimate compliment for a femulator. She said that of all the "girls" at the banquet, I was the only one who truly looked like a woman!

Dinner was served in an odd way, in my humble opinion. There were food stations located around the hall. One station had meat, another seafood, another soup and potatoes, another salads and veggies and still another desserts. The food was very good, but I thought the station concept was very inconvenient especially since we did not know how many stations existed and where they were located. A buffet would have been preferable and a sit-down dinner even more so.

After dinner, Mara Keisling was the well-deserved recipient of the TG Pioneer Award.

I tried socializing after the awards, but the crowd thinned quickly, so Melissa and I hoofed it back to our B&Bs again and were as successful finding a place to drink and chat on Tuesday night as we had been the night before. But I was probably better off getting some rest because I had three full-schedule days ahead of me!


  1. Stana - You looked a lot better than I did. But you have a better figure than I do....

  2. Stana - I had a hard time recognizing you. But the new wig helped throw me off...

  3. I think thst new hair, or make up, takes a little while to get used to. Personally, I think the new cut takes years off you.

  4. While I do like the new look, my vote would go for the older look. I really liked the traditional look.

  5. Saying you look like a woman, is the ultimate complement, and she was right!

  6. Lynn --- If it "takes years off me," I may never take it off!