Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Short Notes on a Busy Week

This will be a busy week as I get ready for next week at Fantasia Fair in Provincetown. In addition to preparations for the trip, I have four work-related projects that I must complete by Thursday, so I will be a very busy girl until then.

Besides planning to have a good time in Provincetown, I also have set another goal. I plan to use a female voice for the entire week. Instead of just trying to get by with my natural soft-spoken voice, I will adjust it a bit to sound more like the woman I am.

As a result of my decision not to go to Atlanta last month, I missed the board meeting of my ham radio group. Since I am secretary of the group, someone volunteered to record the minutes of that board meeting in my absence. That volunteer published the minutes a few days ago and referred to me as "Ms. My-Surname." That was the first time anyone ever referred to me by my surname prefixed with a feminine title and it felt wonderful!


  1. Dear Stana,

    Have a lovely and ultra-feminine time at Fantasia Fair. I am on an extended 6-week trip to Arlington, VA. I contacted a T-Girl support and social group, TransGender Education Assoc. (TGEA), and attended a meeting and went to a GLBT club for karaoke afterwards with a lovely T-Girl. I will be attending a dressy (Oh Joy! Oh Rapture!) house party in a few weeks. I'll wear one of two ultra-girly satin chiffon knee length cocktail dresses (one is an LBD [Little Black Dress]; the other, a delicious pink). It'll be pumps, nylons, and all the other wonderful dress-up accessories.

    So, you and I will both be having a wonderful time as women away from home.



  2. It continues to astound me how well-accepted you have been in such a male-dominated hobby as ham radio! You're such a great ambassador, proving that hearts and minds can be changed when others get to know you as a person. Have a fabulous time in P-town!

    73 from long-inactive former ham Starla

  3. Stana -

    How did you train your voice? Did you use a voice coach, or a set of lessons you could buy online? I'm thinking of getting help with my voice, and I'd like to know the best, most effective way to develop a feminine voice I can use when out....


  4. Thanks... I'll have to try that