Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fantasia Fair Day 3 or Who's That Girl?

Photo by Melissa

It was cooler today, but sunny and I was happy that the rain ended around daybreak.

I put myself together in record time (45 minutes from nude boy to fully clothed and made-up woman).

Breakfast was coffee, yogurt, and pastry.

After breakfast, I attended a cosmetic workshop performed by Scarlett Thompson. She performed the makeover on my long time friend Sirena, who looked fantastic after the 90-minute session.

An excellent lunch followed at Bayside Betsy's. Good food and good conversation with a table full of five girls and one boy.

After lunch, I had an appointment for a makeover by Hera Navassardian at 1:30 PM. After a very leisurely two-hour makeover session that included chocolates and champagne and a new wig, I looked very different than when I entered the salon.

I was very excited about the new look and hurried back to my B&B to get dressed up to attend the Pioneer Awards Dinner at 6:30 PM (see photo above).

Attending the dinner, I was surprised when nearly everyone I encountered did not recognize me. Old friends and new hesitated when I greeted them because they were not sure who's that girl.


  1. You look smashing! At least that's the word that popped into my mind. It's a great look for you and the new wig opens up your face and really shows off your eyes. I can easily see why people didn't recognize you.

  2. Stana - It took me a while to recognise you.... But you looked very good!!!!!

  3. The new hair style really suits you, and yes you do look different, it is surprising how much difference a hair style can make

  4. Stana, you look stunning! A lovely result, you have a total new and chic appearance. I'm envious.

  5. You should definitely make that new wig your new standard...you look fabulous!

  6. OMG...OMG... Stana the new wig perfect!! the smile the hour glass figure OMG!!! The shorter skirt works, a complete package

    Amazing make--over wow!!!

  7. Stana, simply said, you look lovely! I especially like the brief hair, it allows your girly face to show its natural features.

  8. Dear Stana,

    You always look lovely, and so delightfully feminine. Your "new look" is spectacular. You should be made a regular co-hostess on THE VIEW.

    Your joy in being a woman is SO LOVELY and inspiring to me and your readers.

    It is just so wonderful to be a Girl!



  9. Wow Stana,

    If your smile is any indication, you are really enjoying yourself. Hope you have a wonderful time.


  10. Really really love the wig Stana! It's more complementary to your face and frames it beautifully.....you go girl!!

  11. This is a fabulous look and the new wig is perfect for you! Lovely to look at and I'll bet you felt even more feminine!

  12. I'll just echo everyone else's comments ... the new wig is stunning! It totally transforms you look. Very impressive and very jealous here! :)

  13. The view would be a fantastic forum for tgirls everywhere. Shiela from Tampa is so right. Your makeup and new wig are simply fantastic, you are a doll Stana. Your taste is excellent and accessorize perfectly. Somehow you look 5 lbs lighter too. Love to see you on the "View"

  14. LOVE the new Hair!!! Looks like your having such fun. Wish we were there! Unfortunately moving into a grand new home got in the way! perhaps next year!