Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stopping and Shopping

IMG_3319_Wednesday_morning On Wednesday, my post was another very short one, so I will expand on the day here. 

I dressed to blend rather than bend on Wednesday because I planned to go to Stop & Shop and buy some groceries and makeup. I wore my sleeveless argyle sweater tunic, black leggings, and black Mary-Jane flats.

Stop & Shop was a leisurely ten-minute walk through a residential area of town. On the way, I passed contractors remodeling the outside of a home and one of them made a pass at me, which I ignored, but relished nonetheless.

At Stop & Shop, I bought some bottled water, gluten-free trail mix, and liquid foundation. Both Scarlett Thompson and Hera Navassarian recommended a liquid over the powdered foundation I had been using. (I thought the powder was too dry and they agreed.)

I found the foundation Scarlett recommended (Revlon PhotoReady) and spent some time trying to find a shade that matched my skin color. It was not an easy task because there were no samples and I had to try and match my color to the color of the foundation contained in a thick bottle. But I believe I picked the right shade because I wore it the rest of the week and my skin tone looked the same as when I used the powder.
I am not sure if my attempt to blend worked in Stop & Shop. Most of the people in the store ignored me, but a couple of guys could not take their eyes off of me. Go figure!

I returned to my B&B to leave my purchases, then I walked to Commercial Street, which is the main drag of Provincetown.

None of the morning workshops interested me, so I decided to go to the beach, see the sights and take some photos like the one above.

It was a beautiful day. I enjoyed the walk and worked up my appetite for noon lunch at Napi's Restaurant, another one of my favorite restaurants in P-Town. I sat with a group of girls --- some I knew and some were new --- and we girl-talked our way through lunch. 
On tap next was the daily Keynote Address at The Crown & Anchor. I had missed the Monday and Tuesday Keynotes and did not want to miss another especially since Wednesday's Keynote was going to be a video and slide presentation by photographer Mariette Pathy Allen. I have her book Transformations, have seen her presentations before (at Fantasia Fair) and looked forward to seeing more.

I was not disappointed and the time flew by watching her video and slides.

My friend Melissa was doing a workshop at the Boatslip Resort at 3 PM with another girl (Phyllis Randt), who I did not know. Titled "New England Girls Out and About," it was intended to be a roundtable discussion about how easy it was to go out en femme among the civilian population. I participated in the workshop and added my two-cents worth to the discussion.

We were on our own for dinner Wednesday night, so Melissa and I decided to go to Lobster Pot to dine.

After freshening up and changing outfits at my B&B (I wore my new animal print crepe knit dress from ideeli), I met Melissa and we walked to the restaurant.

There was a 15-minute wait for a table, so we went to the bar and met up with other Fantasia Fair attendees. I guess Lobster Pot was the favored choice for the Fair crowd that night because the restaurant was full of girls and boys from the Fair.

Yes. I wrote "boys." This year, transmen were present at the Fair unlike my previous two Fan Fair trips and it was nice to see them there. A few even participated in the Fashion Show later that evening.

We were seated next to a couple, who I assumed were father and daughter. He was a senior citizen and she was middle-aged.

As we sat down, the woman turned to me, complimented me on my outfit and remarked that I was dressed better than she was! I was surprised by her unsolicited compliments and was almost speechless, but managed to thank her.

I had the same thing I had the other time I ate at Lobster Pot: crab cakes with a lobster meat topping. And just like the previous time, the meal was very filling and I could not finish it.

After dinner, we walked to The Crown & Anchor for the Fantasia Fair Fashion Show. Seventeen boys and girls, most of them first time Fantasia Fair attendees, each modeled three outfits, so it turned out to be a long show (three hours plus).

Some of the audience got out of Dodge during intermission, but I stayed to support the models because I recall the time I modeled in the show. It was a dark and stormy night and as a result, attendance was light and I was disappointed that the audience was small for my modeling debut. So my fanny stayed seated to the very end.


  1. Sounds like a very full day, no wonder you were tired by the end of it. I'm glad you stayed to the end and supported the models, we all need a bit of support when we try something new, maybe steping out of our comfort zone.

  2. Further to my earlier comment- seeing the tower it looks like a ringer for the Torre in Siena, except that the Italian version is brick. I'm even more impressed that you got to the top while looking feminine and elegant! You must be a natural when it comes to modelling

  3. Stana

    Thanks for the article about the week in P-town. It means a lot to those of us who could not be there

  4. Gluten-free trail mix? From necessity or because you like it? Both my wife and son are celiac. I'm the only one in the house, other than the cats, who isn't celiac.



  5. Brian --- The Pilgrim Monument was modeled after the tower in Siena. The tower at Union Station in my hometown, Waterbury, CT, was also modeled after the Siena tower. It is made of brick, but differs from the Siena tower in the location of its clocks.

  6. Susan --- Yes, I have Celiac.