Friday, October 5, 2012

Next Year's Makeover


At Fantasia Fair in 2010, I attended a workshop titled "Essence of Style: Image Consulting" by Hera Navassardian.

Hera Navassardian has been in the fashion and beauty industry for more than thirty years. Her career began in New York City as a model for Bob Mackie and other designers like him. She has since worked in many similar industries, including consulting and demonstrating the finer techniques of skincare, make-up and fashion at high-end establishments including Bergdorf Goodman, SAKS Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales and CHANEL. Hera's love and passion for beauty and fashion has led her to open her own boutique and transformation studio, Klymaxx Unlimited in downtown Provincetown. Klymaxx offers a wide variety of services including make-up. (from The Fantasia Fair Participant's Guide)

The workshop took place in Hera's studio where she had all her tools at her disposal. There I witnessed her perform an amazing transformation on one of the girls attending the workshop.

I wished it was me.

Since my half-week at Fantasia Fair in 2010 had only one day to go, I did not bother scheduling a makeover later in the week. But wait 'til next year.

Two next years later, I made a appointment with Hera for a makeover for Fantasia Fair Tuesday afternoon preceding that evening's banquet.

When I spoke with Hera on the phone to make the appointment, she said she remembered me. I do recall asking a lot of questions and putting in my two-cents' worth during the workshop, so maybe she did remember me or maybe she was just being nice.

Either way, I look forward to going under Hera's makeup brushes.

It should be fun!


  1. Stana.. Hera is awesome.. just to let you know there will be other great makeup artists available during the week and can be contacted for makeovers. Scarlett Thompson who was until recently the staff makeup person at Glamour Boutique, Natasha Savoy form "My Changing Room" in Boston and legendary makeup artist Jim Bridges. They also will be helping with makeup behind the scenes at the Fashion Show and Follies. Huggs, Jan

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun, I love the feeling of being pampered, and being made up by someone else, is right up at the top of the list of special things a girl can do.