Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thor’s Day Was Stana’s Busy Day

My post for Fantasia Fair Thursday contained one photo and no text, so I will fill you in.

Slept later than I should because I wanted to attend the Transgender Family Law workshop at 9:30 AM, so I had to rush to get ready.

I wore my gray tunic sweater, black leggings, pink scarf, minimal jewelry, and my black Mary-Jane flats.

IMG_3414-w-Dru-LevasseurOut the door ay 9:20, I arrived at the workshop site (Napi's Restaurant) right on time and found Dru Levasseur, the workshop's presenter, cooling his heels outside waiting for the doors of Napi's to open.

Dru recognized me from other trans events, but was not sure who I was until I mentioned my blog; his eyes lit up when I mentioned "Femulate" and he said that the blog had helped him in some way in the past, but he could not remember exactly how.

Dru and I (see photo above) were the only people to show up at 9:30. It seems that there was a schedule change --- a 10 AM start rather than 9:30 AM. So we chatted while we waited for other people to arrive. Since we both graduated from the same law school (Western New England University), we had a lot to talk about.

A handful of people arrived by 10 AM and Dru discussed his work as the transgender rights attorney at Lamda Legal in New York City.

It was a very informative workshop and I recommend downloading Lamda Legal's excellent Transgender Rights Toolkit (a "legal guide for trans people and their advocates") --- I think you will learn something, if not a lot from it.

Bayside Betsy's was the site for my lunch. There I sat with a couple of girls including Natalie, a Fan Fair first-timer from Connecticut, who was also staying at my B&B. After seeing the results of my makeover, it inspired her to also get a makeover from Hera Navassardian. Her appointment was coming up and she was excited about it.

By the way, my makeover may have sabotaged my suggestion to blog readers to say "Hello" if they recognized me at Fantasia Fair. After my makeover, only one blog reader recognized me and said "Hello": Jackie from Connecticut.

After lunch, I walked to The Crown & Anchor for the Keynote Address: "20 Amazing Years" by Sandra Samons, a certified sex therapist specializing in transgender issues and after her excellent talk, I returned to my B&B to get ready for the evening activities: a wine reception hosted by Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF) and dinner with my friend Robin and other unknown guests.

IMG_3413_Thursday_night I wore my favorite dress (sleeveless black and white print sheath) and favorite shoes (patent red and black Mary-Jane pumps) and accessorized with silver bling. Like Tuesday night, it was a long walk in high heels to the location of the wine reception (Anchor Inn Beach House), so I called a cab and gave my tootsies a break.

At the reception, I had a glass of wine, sampled the cheeses, and schmoozed with the boys and girls in attendance (the place was packed). Michael Silverman, TLDEF's Executive Director spoke about TLDEF's work and urged us to support the organization. Then, Abby Saypen entertained us with her trans and non-trans poetry.

After the poetry, the crowd began breaking up and I sought out Robin to proceed to our restaurant, The MEWS. Joining us were Scarlett Thompson, whose makeover workshop I had attended Tuesday morning, and Chrissy Sue McCarty, who got together the first-timers each morning to help them get over the hump of attending their first Fantasia Fair.

Robin had her car, so we did not have to walk 3/4 of a mile to The MEWS and I did not have to change to my flats.

The MEWS is the nicest and classiest restaurant in Provincetown. It may also be the most expensive restaurant in town, but the food was excellent - the best I had all week, and probably all year.

My company was also excellent. Robin is an old friend who I have known for about ten years, so we have a lot experiences in common. Chrissy Sue is an entertainer and she kept us amused the whole evening. And it is always nice to have a genetic woman join us not-so genetic women, so Scarlett was a wonderful addition to our quartet.

We drank, we ate, we talked, we joked, we had a great time and we closed the place! It was a fantastic evening and I hope we can do it again someday.

Robin gave me a ride back to my B&B and I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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