Friday, October 26, 2012

Fantasia Fair Friends

One of the attractions of Fantasia Fair is reuniting with old friends and making new friends. This year I made a point of getting photographs of my friends at the Fair.
Previously, I posted photos of Miqqi Gilbert, the executive director of Fantasia Fair, and Dru Levasseur, the transgender rights attorney at Lamda Legal. Here are photos of my other friends at Fantasia Fair (by the way, I asked and received permission to post these photos).
ff-friday-Alison-Liang Alison Liang --- My next door neighbor at my B&B, Alison has been active in the Fantasia Fair organization since way way back when.
ff-friday-Angela-Stevens Angela Stevens - A UK girl, who now makes her home in Geneva, I met Angela at the Tuesday night banquet at Fantasia Fair.
ff-friday-Barbara-Curry Barbara Curry - One of my long-time friends in the trans world, Barb is a Connecticut girl and serves as treasurer and evening event director for Fantasia Fair.
ff-friday-Dianne Dianne - An international businesswoman, I met Dianne at Fantasia Fair in 2010 and reunited with her this year.
ff-friday-Jamie-Dailey Jamie Dailey - A Connecticut girl, who I have known for many years, Jamie is also the media maven of Fantasia Fair.
ff-friday-jan_brown Jan Brown - A New York girl, Jan is program director for Fantasia Fair. This photo captured Jan immediately after her makeover by Scarlett Thompson last week.
ff-friday-Marian Marian - A regular Femulate reader and frequent commenter, I met this New York City gal for the first time at Fantasia Fair this year.
ff-friday-Melissa-Cross Melissa Cross - Hailing from Connecticut, Melissa is a ham radio sister, who I had the pleasure of hanging with during Fantasia Fair.
Cossette - This link will display a photo of me with my friend Cossette, who I met at Fantasia Fair in 2010.

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