Saturday, October 27, 2012

Three’s a Charm

Kathleen at Fantasia Fair

For a different take on the Fantasia Fair experience, read Kathleen's recent blog entries concerning the Fair. They begin here and continue here, here and here.

Simon's Halloween

The Cut has a slideshow of Simon Doonan’s best Halloween costumes since 1978. The majority of his costumes are femulations, so it is worth a view. 

My Halloween

I planned to spend the day en femme on Halloween, so ever since I returned home from Provincetown, I have been considering what to wear on the 31st.
But now it seems that Sandy may dash my plans. According to the latest predictions, the storm will likely pass through here by Wednesday, but who knows what it will leave in its wake on Tuesday.

So I will have to wait and see about going to work pretty on Wednesday.


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