Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday, Monday, I Love That Day!


Like Sunday, I previously wrote a short post about Monday at Fantasia Fair.

After a good night's rest (one of the few all week long), I dressed in my new JCPenney fuscia and black color-block sheath and walked one block to The Crown & Anchor for the Orientation Brunch. It was a beautiful day and I did not need outerwear (most of the week was just as nice and I never needed anything more than a sweater or cape).

This was my third Orientation Brunch and there was not much new to be heard that I had not heard before, but it is a must attend event because the majority of attendees show up, so it is a chance to see old friends and make new friends. And since this is the initial meeting for most of the attendees, most girls dress to impress as I did.

I met Femulate reader and frequent commenter, Marian. She was in P-Town for just a half week, but we broke bread with her a few times during her stay and it was always a pleasure.

After the brunch, Melissa accompanied me to my B&B where I changed my booties to black Mary-Jane flats. Then we walked one block to the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum complex to take advantage of the free admission for Fair attendees.

Climbing the 252-foot tower was easy; ramps in place of steps made it so, but at the top, the wind was stiff and I literally held onto my wig because I was afraid it might blow off. Also, with my hair flying in my face, it was difficult to take photos and I was so anxious to get out of there that I was half way down before I realized that the only photos I took up top were of the scenery and none of myself. However, I tried to make up for it back on the ground and Melissa took a bunch of photos of me posing at the base of the tower as can be seen above.

After touring the museum, I returned to my B&B to get ready for Monday night.


  1. Stana - And it was a great pleasure meeting you as well! If you get to the NYC area, let's do the town in style.....

  2. Oh gosh it all sounded like so much fun. I just wish I was there.