Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Womanless Cornucopia

Updated Below

Thanks to Aunty Marlena, I present you with a cache of womanless events.

Miss Eng'g 1

Miss Eng'g 2

Womanless Beauty Pageant (unknown location)

UPDATE: I have taken your comments to heart and deleted the links to the noxious ones.


  1. I know some folks that went to the Rocky Mount NC event last summer. They told me that I would have been horrified by the misogyny and transphobia that was on display, all in the name of good humor.

    These aren't folks with thin skin, either.

  2. Thanks Stana and Marlena, great way to end the year. A few good ones were made in the spirit of the charities the men supported.

  3. As they are Tina's fears, they are mine. The hair and wig cap on the back of my always stands up when ever I see this kind of jest/humor/mockery?

    All in good fun and for the benefit of others makes these kinds of events a good thing. Unfortunately some of the guys have to make up for putting on a dress by acting out their perceptions of women, and it is ugly. I'm sure too, there is a level of uncomfortable laughter that undermines the seriousness of our matter, (does someone in the pageant dress, does someone at home dress?), this is what the ignorance in these does. On the good side, I'm sure there are those in and attending the pageants that respect the female persona image and form, and came away with an new image of themselves and, (perhaps unconscious) of trans people that was less threatening then when they went in. At least I hope anyway.

  4. I did not find these understanding or respectful for transgendered persons. And the males looked awful! No real care was taken in their looks... unlike other womanless pagents down South.

  5. Mixed feelings about these pageants. Would be fun to be able to dress in front of friends, but if you do too well, then there will be suspicions that you like it. But guys in beards, really camping it up for laughs, is degrading and insensitive. It's kind of surprising that a southern Baptist church would sponser it, unless it's just to make fun of transgendered people. I don't think they recognise gender identity isues. It's really making fun of us who have to deal with our crossdressing or gender identity. All in all, I don't think they help us, but would I love to participate in one, all femulated and let the world guess.

  6. If more were like the Miss Eng'g competition I would be all for them. At least the engineering students seem to do it with respect. Of course, it doesn't hurt that they seem to have some experienced and/or professional help. But many of the other "pageants" are pretty disrespectful of woman and of trans people regardless.

  7. I have taken your comments to heart and deleted the links to the noxious ones.

  8. Here is a link to the Facebook page for the 2011 Miss Eng'g pageant.

  9. ^^ From this link, you can find the actual pageant photos (Gowns, Characters, and Swimwear). I think these 400+ photos are worth their own post.